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Now Accepting Grant Proposals (Click Here to Apply)

Now Accepting Grant Proposals (Click Here to Apply)

Now Accepting Grant Proposals (Click Here to Apply)
The Basic Skills Coordinating Committee provides support, recommendations, and coordination of campus-wide efforts to increase student success by strengthening and improving the delivery of basic skills instruction and services for students.

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Committee Members

Name Department Phone Office Email
Arballo, Madelyn (Co-Chair) Dean, School of Continuing Education (909) 274-5228 40-104 marballo@mtsac.edu
Dougherty, Michelle (Co-Chair) Faculty, English (909) 274-3205  
Churchill, Peter Faculty, English (909) 274-4715    pchurhill@mtsac.edu
Johnson, Lesley Director, Adult Education  (909) 274-5230   ljohnson@mtsac.edu
Lai, Irving Faculty, Math  (909) 274-4754    ilai6@mtsac.edu
Kirkwood, Kirk Manager, Basic Skills & Student Outcomes (909) 274-5269 40-104  kkirkwood@mtsac.edu
Mezaki, Barbara  Faculty, American Language (909) 274-4586    bmezaki@mtsac.edu
McNeice-Stallard, Barbara Director, Research & Institutional Effectiveness  (909) 274-4109    bmcneice-stallard@mtsac.edu
Miho, Dana Faculty, English as a Second Language (909) 274-5248    dmiho@mtsac.edu
Pena, Ivan Director, Career and Transfer Services (909) 274-4510    ipena@mtsac.edu
Perez, Anabel Learning Community Counselor, Bridge Program (909) 274-5904    aperez@mtsac.edu
Robinson, Carolyn Professor, LAC, Math (909) 274-6333    cfrobinson@mtsac.edu
Sanchez, Hector Counselor, EOPS/CARE (909) 274-5188    hdsanchez@mtsac.edu
Salinas, Romelia Associate Dean, Library & Learning Resources (909) 274-5607  6-227  ralinas12@mtsac.edu
Valdez, Crystal Professor, Non-credit Adult Education       cvaldez52@mtsac.edu




Basic Skills Initiative

Committee Goals and Link to College Goals

Programs and Services
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Call for Proposals
Proposal deadline: March 12, 2018

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