Degrees & Certificate Programs

AA Degree Programs

  • Associate in Arts degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences with Emphasis in Fine Arts

AS Degree Programs

  • Graphic Design
  • Animation

Certificate Programs

  • Animation - Tradigital Level I
  • Animation - Tradigital Level II
  • Animation - Game & Interactive Multimedia Design I
  • Animation - Game & Interactive Multimedia Design II
  • Animation - 3D and CG Gaming
  • Graphic Design Level I
  • Graphic Design Level II
  • Web Design

Course Offerings




ANIM 101A Drawing-Gesture
ANIM 101B Drawing-Gesture Design
ANIM 101C Drawing-Gesture Design
ANIM 104 Drawing Fundamentals
ANIM 107 Figure in Motion
ANIM 108 Principles of Animation
ANIM 109 Advanced Principles of Animation
ANIM 111A Animal Drawing
ANIM 111B Animal Drawing
ANIM 115 Storyboarding
ANIM 116 Character Development
ANIM 117 Animation Background Layout
ANIM 118 Background Painting
ANIM 120 Script Development for Animation
ANIM 121 Nature and History of Animation
ANIM 130 Introduction to 3D Computer Animation
ANIM 131 Introduction to Gaming
ANIM 132 Modeling, Texture Mapping, & Lighting
ANIM 136 Animation Environment Layout
ANIM 137A Work Experience in New Digital Media
ANIM 137B Work Experience in New Digital Media
ANIM 137C Work Experience in New Digital Media
ANIM 141 2D Game level Design
ANIM 145 3-D Modeling Project
ANIM 146 3-D Animation
ANIM 148 Demo-Reel Development
ANIM 151 Game Prototype Production
ANIM 167 Visual Development
ANIM 172 Motion Graphics, Compositing and Visual Affects
ANIM 175 Web Animation with Flash





ARTB 1 Understanding Visual Arts
ARTB 14 Basic Studio Arts
ARTD 15A Drawing: Beginning
ARTD 15B Drawing: Beginning
ARTD 16 Drawing: Perspective
ARTD 17A Drawing: Life
ARTD 17B Drawing: Life
ARTD 20 Design: 2-D
ARTD 21 Design: Color & Composition
ARTD 23A Drawing: Heads and Hands
ARTD 23B Drawing: Heads and Hands
ARTD 23C Drawing: Heads and Hands
ARTD 25A Painting: Beginning
ARTD 25B Painting: Beginning
ARTD 26A Painting: Intermediate
ARTD 26B Painting: Intermediate
ARTD 27 Painting: Watercolor
ARTD 43 Introduction to Printmaking
ARTD 44 Printmaking: Relief & Lithography
ARTD 45 Printmaking: Collagraph/ Monotype/ Silk Screen
ARTG 20 Art, Artists and Society
ARTG 21A Introduction to Exhibition Production
ARTG 21B Intermediate Exhibition Production
ARTG 22A Exhibition Design and Art Gallery Operation Work Experience
ARTG 22B Exhibition Design and Art Gallery Operation Work Experience
ARTG 22C Exhibition Design and Art Gallery Operation Work Experience
ARTS 22 Design: Three-Dimensional
ARTS 30A Ceramics: Beginning
ARTS 30B Ceramics: Beginning
ARTS 31A Ceramics: Intermediate
ARTS 31B Ceramics: Intermediate
ARTS 33 Ceramics: Hand Construction
ARTS 40A Sculpture: Beginning
ARTS 40B Sculpture: Beginning
ARTS 40C Sculpture: Carving
ARTS 41A Sculpture: Life
ARTS 41B Sculpture: Life
ARTS 42 Sculpture: Mold Making
ARTS 46A Sculpture: Special Effects Makeup
ARTS 46B Sculpture: Special Effects Makeup
ARTZ 50 Specialized Studio-Art Studies





ARTC 100 Graphic Design I
ARTC 120 Graphic Design II
ARTC 140 Graphic Design III
ARTC 160 Typography
ARTC 161 Graphic Design: Layout
ARTC 163 Dynamic Sketching
ARTC 165 Illustration
ARTC 167 Visual Development
ARTC 169 Conceptual Illustration
ARTC 200 Web Design
ARTC 220 Graphic Design IV
ARTC 240 Multimedia Design
ARTC 280 Commercial Arts Studio - Special Projects
ARTC 290 Portfolio
ARTC 299 Graphic Design Internship





PHOT 1 Laboratory Studies: Black and White Photography
PHOT 10 Basic Digital and Film Photography
PHOT 11 Advanced Professional Photography
PHOT 12 Photographic Alternatives
PHOT 14 Commercial Lighting
PHOT 15 History of Photography
PHOT 16 Fashion Photography
PHOT 17 Photocommunication
PHOT 18 Portraiture and Wedding Photography
PHOT 20 Color Photography
PHOT 21 Exploring Color Photography
PHOT 25 Digital Capture Workflow
PHOT 28 Photography Portfolio Development
PHOT 29 Studio Business Practices for Commercial Artists
PHOT 30 Commercial and Illustrative Photography
PHOT 98 Work Experience in Photography
PHOT 99 Special Projects in Photography




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