Electronics & Computer Technology

Transfer Options

If you wish to transfer your ELEC or CNET courses to a University to obtain a 4 year degree, and have questions, you have come to the right page.

The first step in the process, would be to talk with a Mt. SAC counselor. You can set up appointments with the Counseling Department by calling (909) 274-4380 or through your Mt. SAC portal underneath the Student Success tab. You may contact Eddie Lee in the counseling department at eleeAT_mtsac.edu for more specific counseling in Electronics or Computer Networking Technology.

The official California website that gives information on which classes from Mt. SAC will transfer to specific California schools, can be found at www.assist.org.  Here you can select the school you wish to transfer to and see which of our classes can be transferred as Major requirements to count towards specific courses at those schools. This is not to say that if a class does not show up on that list, that it is not possible for it to transfer. Specifically for private universities and out of state schools, you may have to do the leg work yourself by filling out petition forms. This is done after you have already made the transfer. 

For each course in the Mt. SAC course catalog, it will say "CSU" at the top of the course description if it can be transferred to a CSU system school. If it says "CSU," this guarantees that at a minimum it can be transferred as elective credit. However, to know if it can be transferred as a required course for credit in your major, visit the assist.org website. For the Electronics program the following classes are CSU Transferrable: ELEC50A, 50B, 11, 51, 56, 61, 54A, 54B, and 74.

An articulation agreement has been set up with Cal Poly Pomona for their Electronics Technology and Computer Networking majors. Most of the classes offered in our ELEC program can be transferred as a required course with the exception of some of our elective or fee based courses, as well as a few others. These types of courses may to be petitioned for elective credit but is up to the university whether it will be accepted.  For a complete list of classes at Mt. SAC that will count towards specific classes at another school, you will need to visit assist.org.

Another location to find valuable information on transferring can be found at Mt. SAC's transfer webpage . The information displayed on the major sheets is pulled directly from the assist.org website and is organized by major and by courses offered by Mt. SAC. Here you can find up-to-date information on course transfers including a list of ELEC courses that transfer to Cal Poly Pomona. Click HERE to see their program. Cal State Long Beach is another local school that has a similar Engineering Technology program that many of our classes transfer over as required core courses. Click HERE to see their program. San Jose State also offers an engineering technology program similar to ours.

Please be aware that the Electronics classes at Mt. SAC are not transferable to traditional Electrical Engineering courses. The reason being is that our classes are not Calculus based, but rather Algebra based. However, our courses are VERY beneficial for students who wish to seek Electrical Engineering degrees in that they will give you a very solid foundation on which to work from. We have had many Electronics students go on to complete an Electrical Engineering degree from a university, and they will tell you that our courses have helped immensely.

For a more comprehensive breakdown of what Engineering Technology is, as opposed to traditional engineering, please click here.