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The Mt. San Antonio College Wildlife Sanctuary is a 10-acre protected and cultivated preserve for the trees, shrubs, and flowers which once grew in abundance here; and for the birds and other animals who use it as a migratory refuge and breeding ground. The Sanctuary supports a natural stream and a pond which has become a home and visitation spot for many bird species. (Visit The Ecosystems to learn more about the Sanctuary's ecosystems and the animals for each type of ecosystem.) Currently, the sanctuary supports a 25-seat amphitheater located in the southern tip of the triangular area. The amphitheater is used as a location to conduct Biology classes and lectures for other visiting groups. The Mt. SAC Wildlife Sanctuary is maintained and cultivated by the Biological Sciences faculty who are dedicated to the preservation of the Sanctuary.


Our Goal is to restore and maintain a habitat for wild plants and animals of the San Gabriel Valley.


History of the Wildlife Sanctuary

Mt. SAC's 10-acre Wildlife Sanctuary was constructed in 1964 as a way to preserve the natural habitat of the Walnut Valley. When the College opened its doors to the community in 1946, an abundance of wildlife existed in an area untouched by urban development. College alumni fondly talk about living in the old army barracks converted to dormitories for returning war veterans. They often hunted for wild game from the windows of their "dorms!" Today, the rolling Walnut hillsides are full of housing units and the wildlife struggles to live a peaceful coexistence with the dogs, cats, and people now living in this valley. Ten acres of college land was then develop as a sanctuary to the plants and animals of this region.

Goals of the Sanctuary

  • Restore and maintain a habitat for wild plants and animals of the San Gabriel Valley;

  • Provide an outdoor laboratory so that students raised in an urban environment can experience hands-on learning about the natural world;

  • Provide the College and community with an outdoor laboratory for hands-on learning in the natural sciences.

Future Plans

The Science Faculty is determined to continue the restoration and the maintenance of this facility in top shape. They have created an exciting vision for its future and this includes:

  • Habitat signs to enhance public walking tours

  • An amphitheater with display case and cabinet for class and community nature lectures

  • Equipment for plant propagation and the removal and recycling of debris

  • Improved bird habitats and observation opportunities for students and the public

  • Provide virtual access to the facility for community and local K-12 schools through the Internet

  • Open House events for families to visit the site in conjunction with Earth Day

  • On going fund-raising and campus support activities

Contact Information

For tour reservation and schedules contact Mt. SAC Events Office, Tour Scheduling, (909)274-4794.

For other inquiries, contact Craig Petersen at (909) 274-4576.