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Dr. Gary Uyeno, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

Professor: Veterinary Technology, Registered Veterinary Technician Progam (RVT)
 Agriculture Department

Building: 80-2301F
(909) 274-3089 x3089

 BS — Zoology and Criminology, UC Davis
 DVM-Iowa State University

Gary Uyeno, Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM)

After graduating from veterinary school, Gary secured an internship and residency in small animal surgery at a private practice specialty hospital in southern california. Since then, his interest in medicine have changed to emergency medicine and critical care with an emphasis in emergency surgery. During his residency, he began to educate interns, which is what lead him to become a MT.SAC professor in 1999. His goal is to educate Veterinary technicians academically to pass their state licensing exams, and to give them practical and technical skills needed to succeed in practice. For this reason, he still practices medicine in a referral and specialty hospital, which enables him to bring modern and advanced medical procedures and technology to Mt. SAC students.