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Guided Pathways

Guided Pathways

Administration of Justice, AS S0404

Program: S0404
Looking for guidance? A counselor can help.This Guided Pathways for Success (GPS) is a suggested sequence of coursework needed for program completion. It is not an official educational plan. Schedule an appointment with a counselor or advisor as soon as possible to create an individualized Mountie Academic Plan (MAP) specific to your goals and needs.
Suggested Sequence of Coursework
Fall Semester 1
Course Prefix Title Units
AA/S MATH (or) Meet AA/AS Math Comptcy Req 3.0
ADJU 1 Admin of Justice System 3.0
ENGL 1A Freshman Composition 4.0
Total:   10.0
Winter Semester 1
Course Prefix Title Units
SPCH 8 Professional Speaking 4.0
Total:   4.0
SPCH 8 is recommended Area A-2
Spring Semester 1
Course Prefix Title Units
AA/S ARTS (or) Area C-1 Arts Course 3.0
AA/S USHIS (or) Area D-1 Hist/Pol Sc Course 3.0
ADJU 2 Justice Sys Prin/Pro 3.0
ADJU 3 Concepts of Criminal Law 3.0
Total:   12.0
Summer Semester 1
Course Prefix Title Units
KINF 51 Agility Prep-Adju/Fire 1.0
SOC 1 Introduction to Sociology 3.0
SOC 5 (or) Intro to Criminology
Total:   4.0
Fall Semester 2
Course Prefix Title Units
ADJU 4 Legal Aspects of Evidence 3.0
ADJU 5 Community Relations 3.0
ADJU 68 Admin Justice Rpt Writing 3.0
SPCH 26 Interpersonal Comm. 3.0
Total:   12.0
Winter Semester 2
Course Prefix Title Units
AA/S READ (or) Meet AA/AS Read Comptcy Req 3.0
AA/S SCNCE (or) Area B-1 or B-2 Science Course 3.0
Total:   6.0
Spring Semester 2
Course Prefix Title Units
ADJU 10 Intro to Correctional Sci 9.0
ADJU 13 (or) Concepts of Traffic Serv
ADJU 20 (or) Princ of Investigation
ADJU 38 (or) Narcotics Investigation
ADJU 59 (or) Gangs and Corrections
ADJU 6 (or) Concepts Enforcemnt Serv
ADJU 74 (or) Vice Control
SPAN 1 Elementary Spanish 4.0
Total:   13.0
Apply for AS Administration Justice at Admissions Earned certificate Administration of Justice
Program Notes

Degree requirements include reading competency. This requirement is met by attaining eligibility for READ 100. You may complete READ 90 or take the reading placement exam and earn a 65 or higher (eligibility for READ 100).  

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