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Most of our events require registration. Please view the schedule to register for the events you would like to participate in.
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The Mt. SAC Collective is an all-inclusive employee group providing space and opportunities for all members of the campus community. Activities and events planned by this group will create intentional spaces to inspire community building and strengthening working relationships, engaging in the spirit of family and human connections, and demonstrating commitments toward each other as a collective.

Our Mission

The mission is to prioritize and promote morale-building and reinforce a sense of comradery and pride within individuals while empowering each other through gratitude, generosity of time and wisdom, and community care.

Membership Dues

$25 Annual Membership
A paid annual membership of $25 provides access to discounted events/activities planned throughout the year. In addition to access to fun events, 40% of membership dues go towards The Collective Scholarship Fund.
The membership/scholarship fund is setup and paid via Mt. SAC Foundation’s webpage. Membership dues for the Mt. SAC Collective is recognized and sanctioned by the Mt. SAC District, supported by College President. The Mt. SAC Collective’s sponsorship of certain events will be open campus-wide, regardless of membership status.
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