Activities Transcript

An Activities Transcript documents College related co-curricular activities and leadership involvement while a student is enrolled at Mt. San Antonio College.
This is an opportunity for students to document their involvement outside of the classroom.  Each time a student sends an academic transcript or applies for scholarships, they should also include their completed and signed Activities Transcript in order to verify co-curricular involvement.
Below are the steps for completing an Activities Transcript.  Only Mt. SAC activities and events requiring substantial planning, implementation, and follow-through should be recorded.
Step 1 CLICK HERE and complete the Activities Transcript form (Excel Document).  If you have more than one page worth of information, make sure to click on the tabs at the bottom left of the file to enter information onto the second page.  
Step 2 Take the completed document to each Mt. SAC employee who can verify your involvement in the listed activity for their signature.
Step 3 Keep the original signed copy for your records and use a copy to include with your academic transcript, etc.

 Questions?  Please contact us at 909.274.4525.