Don’t just survive in Speech 1A . . . thrive!

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Fall 2015 Hours

 Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays 9:30-5

Wednesdays 9:30-7


  • Computer use (SSSC, WC, LLC)

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  • Software for grammar improvement: “Azar” (WC & LLC)

  • Software for pronunciation improvement (LLC)

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  • Speech Tutors (SSSC)

  • Writing Tutors (WC) Go to the WC or make an appointment at 

  • Specialized writing and grammar tutoring for non-native speakers. 

  • Go to the WC or make an appointment Writing Center Online Tutoring.

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  • Example speeches of award-winning non-native speakers who survived and thrived in Speech 1A

  • Advice for non-native speakers of English about how to survive and thrive in Speech 1A

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  • Video recording rooms (SSSC)

  • Personal digital recorders for checkout (SSSC)

  • Sample speeches (SSSC)

  • “Audacity” software for perfecting pronunciation (SSSC & LLC)

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  • Workshops are offered on many aspects of writing and language (WC). Go to the Writing Center or check the Writing Center Workshop Schedule

  • Boot Camps: “Verbs” and “Writing” boot camps offered through the Writing Center

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Handouts Classes
  • Handouts: “Choosing a Topic,” “MLA Format,” “Impromptu Tips” + and more (SSSC)

  • Handouts: Pronunciation of r/l/th/sh/ch/z/ĭ/ē/ă/ŏ, sentence stress, and more (SSSC)

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  • Accent Reduction (AMLA 21)

  • Verb Tense Reviews (AMLA 57, 58, 60)

  • Writing (AMLA 41, 42, 43)

  • Voice and Diction (SPCH 3)

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 The Mt. SAC Communication Department promotes diversity and intercultural understanding and supports student success through improved access to speech-related support services and technology. Flyers/Resources funded by a Mt. San Antonio College ARISE grant