Radiologic Technology Program

Program Related Expenses

All fees are subject to change


UPDATED: 11 July 2012

(All fees are subject to change)

Enrollment Fee: $46/unit Required of all student residents of California except those who qualify for the Board of Governors’ Fee Waiver (BOGW), a state financial aid program.

Nonresident Tuition: $217/unit + $46/unit enrollment fee. Required of all students who have not established residence in California for a period of one year prior to the day before classes begin.

International Tuition: $217/unit + $46/unit enrollment fee. Required of international students attending Mt. SAC on an F-1 Visa.

Student Activities Fee: $11/semester (Fall and Spring semesters only) Supports various programs and services on campus, including book grants, cultural programs, speakers, and discount tickets to amusement parks and movie theaters.

Student Representation Fee: $0.50

Materials Fee: Varies. Fee is noted under the class listing at the end of the course description.

Parking Fee: $40/semester ($20 w/BOG waiver). Student parking permits are required to use all student parking lots.

Student Health Fee**: $18/ semester ($14 w/BOG waiver). Required of all credit students, including part-time, except those who qualify for a BOG fee waiver.

**Pursuant to Section 76355 of the Education Code, Mt. SAC has a process by which students may request to waive the health fee. To qualify for a waiver students must provide documentation of active membership in a religious organization that relies exclusively upon prayer for healing. Applications for waivers are available in the Bursar’s Office (9A) or in the Student Health Center (67B) for the first week of the semester.

Additional fees paid at the Bursar’s Office:

  • Material Cards
  • Transcript & Verification Requests
  • F-1 Student Application Fee ($50)

Per California Education Code Section 76142, any prospective international student who possesses an economic hardship is exempt from paying the international student application fee. Economic hardship, in this instance, refers to the prospective student’s (and/or his/her family) ability to pay for the application fee by proving a prior year income (adjusted in U.S. dollars) of $80,000 or less. Students qualifying under Education Code Section 76140, who are exempt from paying nonresident tuition, are also exempt from paying the international student application fee.

  • Background check approximately $42
  • Drug screening approximately $15
  • Film markers approximately $12
  • Uniforms approximately $30 to $50 each
  • Physical examination approximately $45 per year
  • Textbooks approximately $400 for first year; $135 second year
  • CPR course $50
  • Transportation, must have own transportation
  • Meals not provided by the hospitals or the college
  • RT licensing fees $450 (upon program completion)