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Jannie Thuan Ma

Professor: Mathematics

Building: 6-133
(909) 274-7500 x3337

Jannie Thuan Ma

Jannie Ma is a professor in the Mathematics and Computer Science department.

Name Course ID Title CRN Units Days Start Date End Date Start Time End Time Building / Room
Ma, Jannie ThuanMATH 50Pre-Algebra420193TR04/23/201806/17/201808:00AM11:10AM6 / 112
Ma, Jannie ThuanLERN 48Basic Math Skills435933MW02/26/201806/17/201809:45AM11:10AM6 / 137
Ma, Jannie ThuanLERN 49Math Skills Review436203F02/26/201806/17/201808:00AM11:10AM6 / 134
Ma, Jannie ThuanLERN 49Math Skills Review436643MW02/26/201806/17/201811:30AM12:55AM6 / 137
Ma, Jannie ThuanLERN 49Math Skills Review436653MW02/26/201806/17/201801:15PM02:40PM6 / 137
Ma, Jannie ThuanLCOM 90LCOM: Campus Connections436731T02/26/201806/17/201811:30AM12:35AM6 / 136