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Pathways offers courses in English & Math to help students streamline courses to reach their goals quicker. We provide options paths to English & Math completion.

The Benefits Include:

  • Linked courses that help you reach your goal quicker
  • Same instructor in each subject
  • Reserved seat in each course of the cohort
  • Tutor (TC) or Supplemental Instructor (SI) in each course
  • Chance to engage in career content while taking ENGL & MATH


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 Pathways Options

Career Focused Courses
(Guided Pathways)
Need ENGL 68 or MATH 51? Career Focused Courses allow students to take English & Math in the interest of their career.  There are 8 options, each designed to incorporate lessons from different careers.


Pathways offers cohorts from ENGL 68 through ENGL 1C.  Some cohorts are fast paced and others are at the regular pace.  Click below for the schedule.


Pathways offers cohorts starting in LERN 48 through MATH 130.  Most cohorts are fast paced to allow students to finish their courses quicker. Click below for the schedule.