Mental Health Department

Mental Health Department

Alcohol & Drug Program


The Mental Health Department offers career path programs for a variety of educational needs -- whether you are a student desiring to learn about Alcohol & Drug Counseling or wishing to become a Psychiatric Technician.

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Alcohol & Drug Counseling

In this program the student integrates theory and practical experience in developing skills necessary to work with the alcohol and drug abuse population as well as families and employers of chemically-dependent persons. The curriculum is designed to meet the credentialing requirements of the California Association of Alcohol/Drug Educators.

Psychiatric Technician Program

The Psychiatric Technician Program enables the student to gain the knowledge of basic nursing skills, mental health principles and psychodynamics that contribute to the student's comprehension and understanding of the mentally disordered and/or developmentally disabled client. This program will prepare students to take the California State Licensure Examination for Psychiatric Technicians at the successful completion of the required courses.


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  • Mary Ellen Reyes
  • Bruce Nixon
  • Andrew Sanchez

Mental Health Department

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