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Administration of Justice Program

Administration of Justice Program

Administration of Justice Program

Administration of Justice Program


Administration of Justice (ADJU) is designed to familiarize you with the functions and relationships of the police, prosecution, courts, probation and correctional systems of the United States.

The Associate in Science in Administration of Justice for Transfer provides a broad base of education in the discipline. Students will acquire the ability to identify and apply legal precedents in field work, be prepared to understand the use of criminal codes in the investigation and documentation of crime, and become familiarized with the social factors that involve police interaction within the community. The degree will support students interested in branching out into undergraduate studies in the social sciences.


Obtain a B.S. in Criminology

Mount St Mary's University is now offering a Bachelor of Science in Criminology for Mt. SAC Administration of Justice program graduates in an online format. MSMU will accept 67-70 units of transfer credit from the Mt. SAC AS Degree in Administration of Justice. The remaining 54-57 units may be completed with MSMU in as little as 4 semesters at a tuition rate that has been discounted 24%.

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Administration of Justice Program

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