Teacher Preparation Institute

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Staying "active" in Teacher Prep

Staying "active" with TPI will allow members to continue to receive our support and services, which include early registration, book loans and workshops.

In order to remain an "active" member in the Teacher Preparation Institute, every member must attend a counseling appointment with Randy Wilson,  Will Daland or Jeremy Hart once an academic year. 

In addition, every TPI member is required to submit 5 volunteer hours in an educational setting.*  If more than 5 hours are done per semester, they can roll-over to the following semester.  This requirement is for the member's benefit and is geard toward enhancing the member's experience with the age group that he/she desires to teach in the future.  Some of the volunteer opportunities include:


  • Volunteer for the Mt. SAC Inside the Outdoors program in the wildlife sanctuary (2nd-3rd grade tours)
  • Volunteer for the annual Mt. SAC Science Day
  • Volunteer at Cal Poly Biotrek Rainforest (K-12 class tours)
  • Volunteer at El Camino Space Science Day
  • Attend the Road to Teaching yearly conference (only 5 hours credit are given for this event)

 Volunteer time-cards for Spring 2015 are now available in the TPI Center.

*Note: paid positions in a academic setting DO NOT qualify as volunteer hours.