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TPI Job Opportunity for Future Teachers!

Future teachers needed with excellent public speaking skills to be TPI Ambassadors.  TPI Ambassadors make presentations to groups at local high schools and Mt. SAC classes about the Teacher Preparation program here at Mt. SAC

HOURS: vary, based on dates and times needed for presentations
WAGE: $13.00 per hour
MIN REQUIREMENTS: must be an active TPI Member for two semesters, and enrolled in min 6 units.

Fall Volunteer Time Sheets

Time sheets for Fall 2017 are now available in the TPI Center.  If you are unable to secure a volunteer opportunity on your own, TPI has a packet of volunteer opportunities with local elementary schools --visit the TPI Center (26A-1610) to obtain a packet.

As a reminder, volunteer hours must be submitted by Thursday, December 14 before Noon.

Retirement of Lead Counselor, Randy Wilson
Upon his retirement, the Teacher Preparation Institute wishes to express our deepest gratitude to counselor Randy Wilson, who has been with the program since its beginning in 2000.  In his 17 years of service to the Institute, Randy has guided countless students through the maze of educational options and possibilities, helping them find the right path and arrive fully prepared at their destination.  We wish Randy the best in his coming years, satisfied in the thought that his service to our students has made a tremendous positive contribution to our collective future.

Audit of Volunteer Hours
We are at this time doing an audit of volunteer hours, and it appears that some TPI Members have forgotten their obligation since the fall 2015 semester. If you feel you may be one, please stop by the TPI office and have Veronica Baeza or another staff member review your volunteer hours. If you are behind in your volunteer hours, you have until Wednesday, December 14, 2017 to make them up. This is an absolute deadline, so please take note of it. If you have not submitted your volunteer hours by this date, your name will be cleared from the membership roster of TPI.

Volunteer hours are most consistent with the mission of the Teacher Preparation Institute and are therefore required to be done at a school site. This brings you exposure to the teaching profession.  If you are uncertain of what you plan to do for volunteer hours is an appropriate activity, contact program coordinator Doug Hughey at (909) 274-5254.


Staying "active" in Teacher Prep

Staying "active" with TPI will allow members to continue to receive our support and services, which include early registration, book loans and workshops.

In order to remain an "active" member in the Teacher Preparation Institute, every member must attend a counseling appointment with Jeremy Hart, Patricia Maestro, or Bernadette Flameno once an academic year.

In addition, every TPI member is required to submit 5 volunteer hours in an educational setting.* If more than 5 hours are done per semester, they can roll-over to the following semester. This requirement is for the member's benefit and is geared toward enhancing the member's experience with the age group that he/she desires to teach in the future. 

*Students are responsible for seeking and obtaining their own volunteer hours.  However, if any volunteer opportunity comes up during the semester through TPI, students will be informed via Mt. SAC email.

Note: paid positions in a academic setting DO NOT qualify as volunteer hours.