Teacher Preparation Institute

What's New

TPI's New Temporary Location for Fall 2018

The Teacher Preparation Institute will be moved from its current location (26A-1610) to a temporary one for the upcoming fall semester.  Our temporary location will be in building 17, room 15.  A designated study area, computer area, and rest area will still be available for TPI Members.

A Message from TPI Coordinator, Doug Hughey

Dear TPI Members,

As you find yourself mired in the middle of this spring semester, checking your calendar for which assignment, project, or report is due next, it may be easy to forget why you started this journey in the first place.  Let me remind you of the great work that lies ahead for you at the completion of your journey.  When you receive your preliminary teaching credential, whether it be single subject or multiple subject, you will be entering the noble profession of teaching, a profession unlike any other.  It is a profession that offers unique working conditions and unparalleled opportunities for advancement and change.  Your particular passion for teaching will find full expression once you have your own classroom.

It is a sometimes a difficult journey, but in my opinion quite worth the trouble.  Under the category of politics and public education, this is an election year for the position of Superintendent of Public Schools in California.  Five candidates have met the March 9 filing deadline, which means there will be lively debate and vigorous campaigning.  State Superintendent is an elected position, so you may have a say in who takes the helm when you vote.  The final vote will take place in November of this year.

It has been a great privilege and honor to be the coordinator of the Teacher Preparation Institute these past six years.  However, school policy dictates that the position should change periodically in order to give other interested professors an opportunity to do this important work.  Therefore, beginning Fall 2018, Dr. Charles Newman will be taking over as coordinator of TPI.  Dr. Newman has been the Co-Principle Investigator for the STEM TP2 program for the past three years, and will bring a wealth of enthusiasm and commitment to his new role.

I wish you all the best in your studies here at Mt. SAC and beyond, and encourage you to keep going until you finish your program and receive your credential.  A world of wonder awaits you!

Doug Hughey, TPI Coordinator

Retirement of English Professor, Margie Whalen

Upon her retirement, the Teacher Preparation Institute wishes to express its deepest gratitude to Professor Margie Whalen, who has graciously presented the Reading & Writing Session of our CBEST workshop for the last seven years.  We wish Margie the best in her coming years, satisfied in the thought that her service to our students has made a tremendous positive contribution to their collective future.

TPI Job Opportunity for Future Teachers!

Future teachers needed with excellent public speaking skills to be TPI Ambassadors.  TPI Ambassadors make presentations to groups at local high schools and Mt. SAC classes about the Teacher Preparation program here at Mt. SAC

HOURS: vary, based on dates and times needed for presentations
WAGE: $13.00 per hour
MIN REQUIREMENTS: must be an active TPI Member for two semesters, and enrolled in min 6 units.

Sring Volunteer Time Sheets

Time sheets for Spring 2018 are available in the TPI Center.  If you are unable to secure a volunteer opportunity on your own, TPI has a packet of volunteer opportunities with local elementary schools --visit the TPI Center (26A-1610) to obtain a packet.

As a reminder, volunteer hours must be submitted by Thursday, June 14 before Noon.

Staying "active" in Teacher Prep

Staying "active" with TPI will allow members to continue to receive our support and services, which include early registration, book loans and workshops.

In order to remain an "active" member in the Teacher Preparation Institute, every member must attend a counseling appointment with Jeremy Hart or Bernadette Flameno once an academic year.

In addition, every TPI member is required to submit 5 volunteer hours in an educational setting.* If more than 5 hours are done per semester, they can roll-over to the following semester. This requirement is for the member's benefit and is geared toward enhancing the member's experience with the age group that he/she desires to teach in the future. 

*Students are responsible for seeking and obtaining their own volunteer hours.  However, if any volunteer opportunity comes up during the semester through TPI, students will be informed via Mt. SAC email.

Note: paid positions in a academic setting DO NOT qualify as volunteer hours.