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NOTE: Looking for TPI Members to reinstate the club!

Future Teachers of America (FTA) club is open to all Mt. SAC students as an organization which provides a place to network, discusses teacher-related issues, arranges special guest speakers and field trips, and offers an opportunity to connect with and serve our local K-12 schools. Participation in this kind of club looks great on students' activity transcripts, as well!

The only thing that is missing from this club are officers. We are in need of five positions: President, Vice President, ICC Representative, Treasure (whom is also: ICC Alternate Representative), and Secretary. A quick break down of the position and duties will be listed below. There are a few requirements that need to be met if you are interested in taking a position for this club. First, all six members must have a GPA of at least a 2.5, enrolled in at least 5 Mt. Sac units, and have paid their Student Activities Fee. If you are interested and want to get more in-depth information, please email TPI Coordinator, Doug Hughey, at dhughey@mtsac.edu

President: TBD
Vice President: The role of the Vice President is to assist the president in his or her duties, and to assume the role of the President if he or she is absent. It is also the role of the Vice President to take part in any vacant position where an officer has not yet been elected.
I.C.C. Representative: The role of the I.C.C. Representative is to be available to represent the club at all I.C.C. meeting. The I.C.C. Representative must attend all I.C.C. meetings. *Must be available the first Monday of EVERY month.
Treasurer and I.C.C. Alternative Representative: The role of the Treasurer is to manage any funds collected under the direction of the president. Also, the Treasurer is responsible for making sure that all funds collected must be deposited in the Auxiliary Services office.The role of the I.C.C. Alternative Representative is to be available to represent the club at all I.C.C. meetings. *Must be available the first Monday of EVERY month.
Secretary: The role of the Secretary is to assist the Club Advisor, President, Vice President, I.C.C. Representative, Alternative I.C.C. Representative, and Treasurer to insure that all administrative procedures are accomplished. Minutes taken by the Secretary must be submitted to the Student Life Office.
This is a great opportunity full of wonderful possibilities, and even if you aren't available to commit to being an officer, we hope to see you at the meetings once in a while! "

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