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Teacher Preparation Institute

Counselors and Transfer Specialists


Contact Info 

Counseling Dates

Jeremy Hart* jhartAT_mtsac.edu  Contact TPI for available appts
Lead TPI Counselor    
Patricia Maestro* pmaestroAT_mtsac.edu  Contact TPI for available appts
TPI Counselor    
Bernadette Flameno* bflamenoAT_mtsac.edu  Contact TPI for available appts
TPI Counselor     
Cal Poly Pomona**   Tuesday, Oct. 10 from 10a-12p
    Monday, Oct. 23 from 1-4p
    Wednesday, November 8 from 9a-12p
    Thursday, November 30 from 10a-2p
Cal State University Fullerton**   Tuesday, Nov. 7 from 9a-12p
UC Riverside**   Tuesday, October 24 from 10a-2p

Contact the TPI Center at 909 274-4190 to make a counseling/advising appointment
*Appointments with TPI Counselors are held in the Counseling Department, located in the Student Services building (9B - 2nd level)
**Appointments with CSU & UC Representatives are held in the TPI Center (26A-1610)