Teacher Preparation Institute

Counselors and Transfer Specialists

NAME                                     PHONE
Randy Wilson,
TPI Lead Counselor

Monday: 10a-7p
Tuesday: 10a-7p
Wednesday: 9a-6p
Thursday: 10a-7p


Will Daland,
TPI Counselor


Tuesday: 8a-5:30p
Wednesday: 8a-3p
Thursday: 8a-6p
Friday: 8a-2p


Jeremy Hart,
TPI Counselor


Monday: 11a-7p
Tuesday: 8:30a-6:60p
Wednesday: 10a-7p
Thursday: 10:30a-2:30p


Berlinda Crawford,
Cal Poly Pomona

  Monday, April 13 from 9a-12p
Tuesday, May 19 from 9a-12p
Caren Bautista,
Cal State University Fullerton

Spring 2015 Dates TBA


Belinda Morales,
University of La Vene

  Mondays from 12-2p...Walk-ins welcomed

Contact the TPI Center at 909-274-4190 to make an counseling/advising appointment.