Teacher Preparation Institute

CBEST & CSET Test Dates & Locations

Free CBEST Test Preparation Workshop for active TPI Students, TPI Alumni, Current Cal Poly Pomona, Cal State Fullerton & La Verne University Students.

Teacher Preparation students should complete the CBEST test during their time here at Mt. SAC. Once passed, the certification is good for life.

The 4-hour Basic Skills test covers reading comprehension, math and essay writing. TPI recommends that students who have passed English 1A and Math 71 are prepared to pass this test.

TPI urges all future teachers to take the CBEST before transferring to a 4-year college.

Active TPI Members who attend the full workshop and pass the CBEST can apply for a reimbursement from TPI for the test fee ($41).

Next CBEST Workshop will be held in Spring 2016 (dependent on funds).  More details to follow.

CBEST Test Dates & Locations:

Click on this CBEST link to find out the CBEST Test dates and locations.

Click on this CBEST Practice Test link to view/take a practice test.

CSET Test Preparation Workshop for Multiple Subjects

Free CSET Workshop for TPI Members & Almuni, and current Cal Poly Pomona, Cal State Fullerton, La Verne Students

Teacher Prep will be offering a free CSET Workshop for Multiple Subject Subtest I & II in Spring 2015. Each Subtest Workshop will meet once a
week for 3 hours. Prereqs apply.

Next CSET Workshop will be held in Spring 20161.  More details to follow.

Subtest I: Language Arts & History
Six Thursdays 4-7 p.m. or 5-8 p.m.*

Subtest II: Math & Science
Six Thursdays 4-7 p.m. or 5-8 p.m.*

Click here for Subtest I or Subtest II workshop application. Submit your application(s) along with a copy of ALL unofficial transcripts (including community college transcripts, if applicable) to the TPI Center (26A-1610) or to Veronica Baeza at vbaeza@mtsac.edu.

Application Submission Deadlines

Subtest I: TBA
Subtest II: TBA

NOTE: Teacher Prep does not offer single subject CSET workshops.

1Workshops are dependent on funds for 2015-2016 fiscal school year.  If funds are not available, TPI will not conduct a workshop for subtest I &II.

*Meeting time-frame is dependent on instructor, therefore students need to keep a 4-8p time-frame open in their schedule for these workshops.

What separates TPI's CSET workshop from others?

  • Workshop is free. Other colleges charge $150 and up for a full day workshop.
  • Teacher Prep instructors go over subject matter of CSET, not just test taking strategies, so that you will be better prepared to take the test.

Exclusive offer for active TPI Members: attend all workshops, take the test, pass it, show TPI proof and get reimbursed for the test fee!