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Institutional Effectiveness Committee

Dr. Irene M. Malmgren Co-Chair/VP Instruction Ongoing Administration
Don Sciore Co-Chair/Associate Dean, Instructional Services Ongoing Administration
Jeff Archibald President, Academic Senate Ongoing Academic Senate President (or Designee)
Grace Hanson Director, DSP&S 2013-16 Administration
Meghan Chen Dean, Library and Learning Resources 2014-17 Administration
Barbara McNeice-Stallard Dir., Research & Institutional Effectiveness Ongoing Administration
Kate Morales Information Technology Ongoing Administration
Kristina Allende Faculty Accreditation Coordinator Ongoing Academic Senate
Vacant Faculty, Consumer Sciences and Design Technologies 2016-2019 Academic Senate
Emily Woolery Outcomes Co-Coordinator Ongoing Academic Senate
Vacant Academic Senate 2014-17 Academic Senate
Justin Ott Classified CSEA 651 2013-16 CSEA 651
Annel Medina Classified CSEA 262 2013-16 CSEA 262
Richard Lim Student 2016-17 Associated Students