Institutional Effectiveness Committee
Purpose & Function

(Governance Committee - Reports to President's Advisory Council)


The Institutional Effectiveness Committee is responsible for recommending processes related to institutional planning and assessment, evaluation, and coordinating activities leading to improvement of institutional effectiveness.



  1. Support ongoing connections between unit planning activities and institutional planning processes.
  2. Encourage the use and analysis of standard data reports (TracDat and Argos) needed to support effective planning and evaluation activities at the academic department level and provide guidance to non-academic departments.
  3. Recommend systematic mechanisms to assess the institution’s progress toward meeting its goals.

  4. Conduct annual reviews of Planning for Institutional Effectiveness (PIE) results in order to:

    a.   Assess the institution’s unified progress toward its goals; and

    b.   Make recommendations regarding either the creation of new or the revision of existing College goals.

  5. Conduct annual reviews of the forms, process, tools, and reporting format for institutional program review (PIE).

  6. Inform the campus about institutional effectiveness efforts.
  7. Plan annually for systematic documentation of institutional planning efforts.
  8. Assure the College’s effectiveness in supporting academic quality and accomplishment of mission.