Educational Design Committee


Michelle Sampat Curriculum Liaison/Co-Chair 2015-16 Academic Senate 
Joumana McGowan     Executive Dean, Instructional Services/Co-Chair Ongoing Instruction
Liza Becker Dean, School of Continuing Education Ongoing Instruction
Jean Metter Assistant Curriculum Liaison 2015-17 Academic Senate
Jamaika Fowler Articulation Officer Ongoing Academic Senate
Melissa Macias Faculty - Arts  2015-18 Academic Senate
Robert Bowen Faculty - Arts 2015-18 Academic Senate
Cecilia Thay Faculty - Business 2015-18 Academic Senate 
Jennifer Olds Faculty - Humanities 2013-16 Academic Senate
Julie Laverty Faculty - Humanities 2015-18 Academic Senate
Ron Kamaka Faculty - Kinesiology 2015-18 Academic Senate
Donna Necke Faculty - Non-Credit 2015-18 Academic Senate
Dianne Rowley Faculty - Library Learning Resources  2015-18 Academic Senate
Malcolm Rickard Faculty - Natural Sciences 2015-18 Academic Senate
Karol Ritz Faculty - Kinesiology 2013-16 Academic Senate
Tim Engle Faculty - Student Services 2015-18 Academic Senate 
Pauline Swartz Faculty - Library Learning Resources  2013-16 Academic Senate
Bruce Nixon Faculty - Technology and Health 2014-17 Academic Senate
Carolina Navarro Student Represenative  2015-16 Academic Senate