Educational Design Committee

Purpose & Function


The Educational Design Committee serves as a standing committee of the Curriculum and Instruction Council.  The mission of the Educational Design Committee is to facilitate consistency in the quality of curriculum management and to ensure that all courses and programs meet the intent of Title 5 regulations.


  1. Report and make recommendations to the Academic Senate via Curriculum and Instruction to include:
    1. Review of new and amended credit and non-credit course content and associated required technical information under Title 5
    2. Review of new and amended credit and non-credit programs and the associated required technical information under Title 5
    3. Review of new and amended courses as they relate to majors and certificates, degrees, and transfer
    4. Coordination of course proposals and review, as appropriate
    5. Appropriate requisites.
  2. Review courses and programs maintaining compliance with external and internal policies.
  3. Recommend policy changes pertaining to curricular issues.
  4. Implement State regulations and guidelines pertaining to the curriculum development process:
    1. Train committee members, faculty, division deans, and staff, as appropriate
    2. Maintain and provide regulations updates
    3. Disseminate information.
  5. Review and make recommendations regarding transfer status and general education courses via Educational Design Subcommittee for General Education and Transfer Issues
    1. Educate and train faculty on procedures in requesting general education course approval.
    2. Implement the general education philosophy on campus by systematically reviewing all general education lists.