Career Technical Education Advisory Committee




C-TEAC is the primary advisory group for investing and recommending options and strategies to the Instruction Team and the Academic Senate in implementing the Strong Workforce Initiative including both the college and regional work plans and budgets. 

  1. Review regional labor market information for potential labor market demand and training supply shortages that could be addressed. Provide advice on actions to be considered through our existing participatory governance process, in particular in areas of curriculum, professional development, facilities, and budget.
  2. Review College and regional work plans and budgets for the Strong Workforce Initiative. Provide advice on actions to be considered.
  3. Review proposed and ongoing college implementation of the Strong Workforce Task Force Recommendations. Provide advice on actions to be considered.
  4. As requested, review college policy and procedure related to Career Education Programs. Provide advice on actions to be considered.
    • Members
      Joumana McGowan Associate VP Instruction/Co-Chair Ongoing Administration  
      Tami Pearson Associate Dean, School of Continuing Education  Ongoing Administration
      Jemma Blake-Judd Dean, Technology & Health  2016-19 Associate Vice President, Instruction
      Jennifer Galbraith Dean, Business 2016-18 Associate Vice President, Instruction
      Dejah, Swingle  Director, Strong Workforce 2016-18 Administration 
      Francisco Dorame Associate Dean, Counseling  Ongoing Administration 
       Shelley Doonan Faculty, CTE Credit 2016-19 Academic Senate
      Lisa Amos Faculty, CTE Credit/Co-Chair 2016-18 Academic Senate
      Chaz Perea Faculty, CTE Credit 2017-18 Academic Senate
      L.E. Foisia  Faculty, Noncredit 2016-19 Academic Senate
      Mary Beth Barrios   Faculty, Counseling 2016-18 Academic Senate
      Jared Burton Faculty, Librarian 2016-19 Academic Senate
      Martin Ramey  Faculty, At Large 2017-18 Academic Senate
      Brian Moon Student 2017-18 Associated Students
      Vacant  Student 2017-18 Associated Students
    • Agenda 

      2017-2018 Agenda

      2016-2017 Agenda

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      2017-2018 Meeting Minutes

      2016-2017 Meeting Minutes 

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