Basic Skills Coordinating Committee

Purpose & Function

The Purpose of the Basic Skills Coordinating Committee (BSCC) is to provide for the oversight and coordination of campus-wide efforts to increase student success by strengthening and improving the delivery of basic skills instruction and services for students. The Basic Skills Coordinating Committee makes recommendations to the Student Preparation and Success Council and to other campus entities concerning the planning, coordination and delivery of basic skills instruction and services.

The function of BSCC is:

  1. To develop and recommend actions that may be taken on an institutional level to improve basic skills.
  2. To conduct long and short-range planning for campus-wide basic skills efforts in connection with the Basic Skills Initiative (BSI).
  3. To direct and review ongoing assessment data concerning the effectiveness of basic skills funded projects and make recommendations for use of this data to improve outcomes.
  4. To provide a forum for cross-disciplinary examination of effective practices for basic skills instruction and services, and to promote dissemination of effective practices to the campus.
  5. To make recommendations for the allocation of basic skills resources.