Club Reactivation Process

1.     Refer to the Club website to see a list of clubs that are active/inactive.  You may reactivate any inactive club.
2.     You must have five students that are eligible to serve as club officers.  Eligibility includes:
  • Enrolled in 5 Mt. SAC units
  • Have a Mt. SAC Cumulative GPA of 2.5
  • Have paid the current Student Activities Fee
3.     Find a full-time Mt. SAC Employee to serve as your advisor
4.     Have your prospective advisor complete the Club Information Packet, provided below:
Club Information Packet    
  • This must be done by the end of the Fourth (4th) week of either the Fall or Spring Semester
  • The ICC Advisor will send your advisor(s) the Club Information form and the Club Advisor Agreement form. The forms must be completely filled out, have all supporting documents attached, and turned in to the 9C Student Center in a sealed envelope before the due date listed on the Club Information form.
5.     Provided that all forms are complete, all deadlines are met, and that club will be placed on the next Inter-Club Council agenda for reactivation. You must have your ICC Representative present at this meeting in order to have your club  constitution ratified.