Classified Senate

Classified Senate 2013 - 2014


On November 20, 1991, the Board of Trustees approved the formation of the Classified Senate as the 34th community college classified senate in California. The Senate provides classified staff the opportunity to actively contribute to the growth and success of the College.

The Senate is comprised of an executive board, senators, and alternates who are elected by the membership. The Executive Board consists of the President, President-elect, Recording Officer, Treasurer, Past-President and three directors elected from the body of the Senate. The president presides at all meetings of the Senate, is the official spokesperson of the unit, and represents the Senate at each meeting of the Board of Trustees.

2013 - 2014 Classified Senate


  • Deejay Santiago, President
  • John Lewallen, President-Elect
  • Marchelle Nairne-Proulx, Past President
  • Donna Lee, Treasurer
  • Obdulia Reynoso, Recording Officer
  • Carol Nelson, Director
  • Michelle Williams, Director

Sixteen senators shall be selected from four functional units. The functional units shall be patterned after the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) categories for classified staff currently in use by the District.


Name Department Extension Email
Rosa Asencio Career & Transfer Services ext. 4510
Tonya Bennitt Child Development Center ext. 4920
Robin Cash Learning Assistance Center ext. 6601
Diana Dzib Adult Basic Education ext. 4961
Eva Figueroa Learning Assistance Center ext. 4572
Donna Lee Biological Sciences ext. 4545
John Lewallen Marketing ext. 4137
Marchelle Nairne-Proulx ESL ext. 5231
Carol Nelson President's Office ext. 5432
Marian Popa Maintenance ext. 5119
Beth Quinlan Risk Management ext. 5501
Obdulia Reynoso Kinesiology ext. 4640
Deejay Santiago ESL ext. 5242
Randy Smith Arts ext. 4431
Ana Uriarte (alt) Assessment ext. 5673
Darlene Vale Agricultural Sciences ext. 4557
Michelle Williams Payroll ext. 5523