Starting a New Club

The following steps have been developed to guide you towards achieving club approval. 
NOTE: A club will not be allowed to form if a similar club already exists.

  1. Develop a club constitution (download the template here). New clubs must use this template.  Delete any unnecessary text, any text in red must remain in the constitution and type directly into the constitution template.
  2. Have your prospective club advisor email the following to the ICC Advisor, Giovanni Rodriguez at or Barbara Carrillo at


Club officers must be enrolled in a minimum of 5 credit units, have a cumulative 2.5 GPA (unless the student doesn't have a Mt. SAC GPA yet), and have paid the current Student Activities fee.

A full-time college employee must serve as the club advisor.  Additional advisors may be part-time college employees.

The email must be sent from your prospective advisor’s College email account. All supporting documentation (i.e., transcripts, receipts) should be delivered to the Student Life Office in a sealed envelope.



  1. Develop a constitution with the assistance of the club advisor and prospective club officers, following the guidelines provided.

  2. The draft of the constitution will be reviewed by the Student Life Office. All requested changes must be made prior to presenting this document to Inter-Club Council (ICC).  Club constitutions will only be reviewed if all paperwork listed above is complete and all officers listed are eligible.

  3. Once the constitution is approved by the Student Life Office it will be placed on the ICC agenda for voting.  A representative from the prospective club must be present.

  4. If approved, the ICC representative or the ICC alternate representative must attend monthly ICC meetings. Meetings are held on the first and third Monday of each month (when school is in session) from 2:30 - 3:30 p.m. Dates are subject to change pending school holidays and/or closures.

  5. Amendments or changes to a club constitution must follow the same approval process as newly submitted constitutions (refer to item #2).

Download the Constitution Template



Recognized clubs are given FREE use or access to the following:

  1. Use of campus meeting rooms
  2. Ability to make club announcements on the Electronic Marquee (bldg. 9C)
  3. Print Services (free printing with advisor approval, some restrictions may apply)
  4. Access to poster making supplies
  5. Use of Student Center Kitchen (4 days per semester)
  6. Permission to fundraise on campus
  7. Use of College facilities for club events
  8. Participation in Join-A-Club to recruit new members
  9. Officer recognition at the Leadership & Advisor Awards Ceremony
  10. Opportunity to compete for Club of the Year


Giovanni Rodriguez,  ICC Advisor                                             Barbara Carrillo, ICC Co-Advisor
Student Life Center                                                                        Student Life Office
Building 9C                                                                                        Building 9C
(909) 274–5724                                                                                (909) 274-5953