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Vocational Business Programs

Mt. SAC offers students various Vocational introductory Business courses including: Accounting, Payroll and Tax Accounting, and Essential Office Skills. The courses provide students with basic skills combined with in-depth training to prepare them for entry-level positions. Explore the Short Term Vocational Accounting programs and courses at Mt. SAC!

    • Accounting

      This course provides instruction on accounting vocabulary and theory, equations to solve word problems, simple and compound interest, present value, consumer and business credit, mortgages, financial statements and ratios, inventory, depreciation, business taxes and investments.   

      Accounting Program Schedule

      Spring 2021: 


    • Payroll and Tax Accounting

      This course provides on-the-job payroll accounting.  It surveys the various tax procedures required by the employer and employee in filing the correct forms for Social Security, federal and state income taxes and their reconciliation.  Laws related to Worker’s Compensation, State Disability Benefit Laws and Fair Employment Practices are discussed. 

      Payroll & Tax Accounting Class Schedule

      Spring 2021: 


    • Essential Office Skills 

      This is an introductory course providing instruction in Office Management Skills, Microcomputer Applications (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Google Programs) and Career Development/Work Readiness to prepare students for an entry level position. The course is approximately 10 weeks, offered multiple times a year. 

      Essential Office Skills Class Schedule

      Winter 2021: January 10 - April 6, 2021 | Monday - Wednesday | 1:30 - 5:00pm  | 12 weeks | Available Online!

      EOS Winter 2021