CHLD 67  Early Childhood Education Practicum

2 Units (Degree Applicable, CSU, C-ID #: ECE 210, (67+67L))
Lecture: 36   
Prerequisite: CHLD 5 and CHLD 6 and CHLD 11 and CHLD 66 and CHLD 66L
Corequisite: CHLD 67L
Advisory: CHLD 61 or CHLD 62 or CHLD 63

Child development principles in the preschool classroom setting and recognition of skills necessary for the teacher of young children. Evaluation of participation experiences. Note: Students must provide documentation of influenza, pertussis (TDap), and measles immunization, as well as TB clearance, as required by SB792 prior to being permitted to enroll in this class.
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