Community Education

2020 Summer Reading Programs for Children and Adults

Programs on Campus and West Covina
Mt San Antonio College, Community Education is proud to offer the Summer Reading and Writing Skills Program as a community service to families on campus and West Covina. Since 1996, this program has helped students in our community build strong reading skills and develop a deep love of books and reading. The program is designed and taught by the Institute of Reading Development, a nationwide leader in reading skills instruction.
For program locations and schedules in your area, or to enroll online, select a program level below:
 For more information, or to enroll by phone, please call:
 (800) 964-8888 
Program coordinators are available from 5 am- 7 pm Mon- Fri, 5 am- 4 pm Sat, 7 am- 3 pm Sun.
For program locations and schedules in your area, select a program level above. The summer reading and writing programs are available in West Covina, on campus, and other locations throughout the area.