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Career and Professional Development

    • Court Interpreting Program

      The Court Interpreting Program is designed to introduce bilingual individuals to the basics of court interpreting. Likewise, the goal of the program is to help participants prepare and develop the requisite skills needed to sit for the California Court Interpreting Certification Exam. The program exposes and trains individuals in the necessary skills they will need to continue to practice once having completed the program in order to successfully pass the certification exams.

      Courses offered:

      • Orientation and Skills Testing — This workshop gauges whether the student was adequately prepared in the foreign language to successfully complete the program. During orientation, attendees would learn about the profession and its expectations . At the conclusion of the orientation, attendees take a written, skills assessment in which their language skills will be evaluated. Successful completion of the written skills assessment allows enrollment in subsequent courses.
      • Consecutive Interpreting — Participants will learn to develop memory and note-taking skills required for consecutive interpreting. These skills will be utilized in a variety of student-centered activities which focus on the legal environment and the respective terminology in which participants will be actively practicing consecutive interpreting. Interpreting skills will be practiced from both English to Spanish and from Spanish to English.
      • Sight Translation — This course will teach participants the necessary strategies required for the sight translation of common legal documents they will come across in the legal environment. A variety of readings, documents, certificates, etc. will be utilized in both English and Spanish for participants to analyze and translate. Strategies regarding the creation of personal glossaries and proper research methods for correct terminology will be discussed.
      • Simultaneous Interpreting — Focusing exclusively on the development of simultaneous interpreting skills, this course will introduce participants to a variety of strategies used during this mode of interpreting . Gradually over the span of this course, participants will work toward improving their overall WPM (words per minute) without jeopardizing the quality and accuracy of the message they are conveying, as this is an extremely important aspect of simultaneous interpreting .
      • Capstone Course — In this final course, participants will practice ALL three interpreting modes . After a brief review of the three requisite courses, situational practice in which all three modes of interpreting will be introduced in order to allow participants the opportunity to combine the skills they have acquired throughout the program . An exit assessment will be made of all participants during a final situational practice session by actual court interpreters who will offer their feedback and suggestions.

      Required Materials:
      Students will purchase materials directly from the publisher. Visit the National Center for Interpretation, Legal Interpretools

    • Water Technology Program

      This program is an intensive education for anyone seeking to enter the field of potable water treatment, water distribution, or cross-connection control. Program courses provide the training required for employment at a municipal water district, private water utility, or city water department.

      Upon completion of the program, students will have gained the knowledge necessary to successfully pass the CDPH Water Treatment Operator Certification Exams ( T1-T3 ), Water Distribution Operator Certification Exams ( D1-D3 ), and Cross-Connection Control Certified Specialist and Tester Exams offered by the American Water Works Association (AWWA) and various County Health Departments.

      The 40-hour courses offered through this program satisfy the educational requirements of the CDPH for both specialized training and continuing education training . Program courses include: 

      1. Introduction to Water Systems
      2. Water Treatment
      3. Water Distribution
      4. Cross Connection Control – Certified Tester
      5. Cross Connection Control – Certified Specialist
      6. Water Hydraulics and Instrumentation
      7. Math for Water Operators

      Depending on the level of certification being sought, students may take one or all of the courses offered through this program. The courses are typically offered during Fall and Spring semesters and periodically during Summer and Winter inter-sessions. Courses cover such topics as: water math and chemistry, laboratory procedures, water sources, groundwater and surface water supplies, reservoir management, water treatment plant processes, disinfection, Safe Drinking Water Act, corrosion control, iron and manganese control, fluoridation, water softening, C*T concepts, distribution system hydraulics, water sampling and bacteriological testing, water wells, cross-connection control, backflow devices, water tanks, water meters, valves, pumps, motors, pipeline installation and operation, and safety procedures.

    • Aeronautics

      FAA Computerized Testing Service (CATS)
      Federal Aviation Administration computerized testing for approved applicants. Instant results available by computer. Applicants should contact the testing location for approval and the first step in registration.
      Testing Location: Bldg. 6, Room 264 or call (909) 594-5611, ext. 3586 

      Flight Simulator - Basic IGAT-1
      Hourly flight simulator training in IGATE simulator an FAA-approved PC-ATD. Basic instrument procedures are the focus of these lessons. Training is adapted to student's flight background. Students may register for multiple lessons at $35. Recommended minimum flight time prior to this course is 20 hours.
      Upon completion of registration, scheduling may be accomplished on the bulletin board adjacent to Bldg. 28B-112. Please call (909) 594-5611, ext. 3586 for further scheduling information.

      Flight Simulator - Advanced ATC-810
      Hourly flight simulator training in ATC-810 simulator and advanced instrument procedures. Training is adapted to student's flight background and is particularly valuable to individuals finishing flight requirements for the instrument rating, desiring to maintain IFR currency, or pursuing the multi-engine rating. Students may register for multiple lessons at $45. Recommended minimum flight time prior to this course is 100 hours.
      Upon completion of registration, scheduling may be accomplished on the bulletin board adjacent to Bldg. 28B-112. Please call (909) 594-5611, ext. 3586 for further scheduling information.

      Precision Flight Controls G1000 (1 hour) 
      Hourly flight simulator training in a Precision Flight Control G1000 simulator. This is an FAA approved AATD (Advanced Aircraft Training Device) with performance and flight characteristics based on that of a G58 Baron. Training is adapted to student's flight background and is particularly valuable to students interested in transitioning to a glass cockpit environment, students working on an instrument rating, pilots wishing to maintain currency, or pilots wishing to acquire an IPC. Recommended minimum flight time prior to this course is 100 hours.

    • Bookkeeping Preparation

      "Learn a new career in seven weeks! This certificate program provides a core curriculum in the accounting/bookkeeping field. It is recommended for individuals seeking employment opportunities and /or improving their job skills. All classes must be attended and work completed. This hands-on course will teach you about business structures, rules of debit and credit, cash vs. accrual accounting, definition of "employees
      processing payroll, payroll tax deposits and reports, W2s, 1099s, and others. Participants will keep a set of books for a fictitious business, managing accounts payable, accounts receivable, payroll, opening entries, closing entries, depreciation, and adjusting entries. Students will progress from journal entries to a general ledger to financial statements.

    • Notary Public Seminar

      BECOME A NOTARY IN ONE DAY (First time Notaries)
      Start your own business, become a more valuable employee, provide customer service for your business or organization, earn additional income and get recommissioned. This intensive one-day seminar is designed to equip you with everything you need to know to become an effective Notary. You will find out about new legislation as well as how to pass the official Notary exam (must be taken every 4 years), identify document signers, keep a journal, fill out certificates and avoid lawsuits. The class includes a practice Notary Public Exam.

      Renewing Notaries –3 Hour State Required Seminar
      As of January 2009, Renewing Notaries may take a three hour Approved Notary Refresher course. We will review all laws and regulations you are required to know to continue as a Notary. You must take the exam and be fingerprinted again. Six hour approved course must be taken first.

      Cooperative Personnel Services will register you for the exam from 4:15pm to 5:00 pm. The exam will be from 5:00 pm –6:00 pm.

      New and Renewing Notaries bring the following:
      1) A $40 check made payable to ”Secretary of State”;
      2) Proper ID – current driver's license with photo or state issued ID card
      3) Two #2 pencils.
      4) 2 X 2 passport color photo
      Live Scan Fingerprints required after you pass the exam.
      Serious conviction may disqualify applicant.

      Presented by Notary Public Seminars, Inc ., who has been a leading public course provider in California for 10 years.

    • Makeup Artistry

      Makeup Artistry Certification
      Do you love makeup and want to pursue a career in making others look and feel more beautiful? Are you already working in the beauty industry and want to improve your confidence and application skills? Or do you just want to do a better job of applying your own makeup? In this program through live demonstrations and hands-on experience, you will discover the professional secrets to beautiful makeup applications. You will develop improved skills and greater confidence in working with clients or just on yourself!
      This program consists of 6 classes:

      • Beauty Makeup 101
      • The Eyes Have It
      • Fashion, Glamour & Fantasy
      • Bridal Bliss
      • Character Makeup
      • Makeup in Review

      All classes must be taken to receive a certificate of completion. MAC Pro Student Kit or any similar makeup kit is recommended.

    • Medical Billing
      Medical Insurance Billing Specialist Program
      This six-course program is designed for those who are new to the medical field and for those currently working in the field who wish to expand their knowledge in specific areas. Students will become versed in the terminology of the medical profession, knowledgeable in the areas of billing procedures and coding, credit and collection, legal issues and risk management. When you complete the program, you will be able to effectively deal and help with problem-solving activities in a medical business environment. HIPAA Compliance Regulations included.
      Program consists of the following six courses (which must be taken in the following order):
      1. Medical Terminology
      2. Coding: ICD-10CM/CPT-4/HCPCS
      3. Medical Insurance Billing Principles
      4. Medical Credit and Collection Recovery of Unsecured Assets
      5. Legal Issues and Risk Management
      6. Computerized Medical Insurance Billing
      Participants will earn a Mt. San Antonio College Community Education Certificate of Completion when all six courses have been successfully completed. Attendance and examination requirements must be met before a certificate can be issued.


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