Emergency Medical Technician Program


The Emergency Medical Technician Program is comprised of 2 courses, EMT 90A and EMT 90.  You must take and pass EMT 90-A to enter EMT 90 in the semester immediately following EMT 90-A. You MUST take BOTH courses to fulfill the curriculum content for the EMT certification. Most surrounding community colleges follow a similar 2-semester format. 

Questions?  Please contact Michelle Navarro at (909) 274-5051.

We offer our EMT classes each year, in Summer/Fall and Winter/Spring. Please see the Schedule of Classes for these semesters for exact start dates and times.

Refresher Course: Due to California budget constraints, our EMT 91 (Refresher Course) is not currently offered. Please consult the L.A. EMS Agency website for further details and programs that offer refresher courses, Skills Competency Verifications and CE Units.

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EMT Program
Eligibility RequirementsStudents must complete certain requirements to be eligible for the EMT Program. 
EMT CoursesView our courses for a full listing and description of classes.
Background CheckAll EMT students are required to take a background check.

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  • David Mah
Emergency Medical Technician Program

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