Writing Center Computer Classrooms

The Writing Center has two computer classrooms for instructional use, rooms 1563C and 1555. Typically, instructors use the computer classrooms for in-class writing sessions, grammar and punctuation review, research demonstrations utilizing library databases and the Internet, or introducing the gateway to an online or hybrid class.

Each room houses thirty computers equipped with internet access, Microsoft Office Suite, and a number of instructional grammar and punctuation programs. Students can print any work written for class for free in both classrooms. Projection systems and ELMO document cameras are also available at the instructor's station in each room.

Reservation Instructions

Faculty may sign up for use of one of the two computer classrooms by contacting Nicole Blean at x5616 or Requests are finalized once you receive a confirmation e-mail indicating the date, time, and room for your request; however, there is no guarantee that we can meet all requests.

Reservation requests may be submitted up to one semester in advance and will be considered in the order they are received. Reservation confirmations will be sent approximately two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. Should you have any questions, please contact Nicole Blean at x5616 or at

Once the semester starts, instructors may still submit classroom requests.  In this case, please provide us with three business days' advance notice to ensure timely processing of your request.  Requests submitted when the Writing Center is closed between terms will not be answered until staff returns.

*** Reservation policy: Instructors may have no more than 8 reservations per class, per semester in their initial request. After week 3, the Writing Center will accept additional requests on a first-come, first-serve basis until the computer classrooms are full. (We ask that you limit your initial reservations to times when the use of the computer classroom is crucial to your lesson plan so we can spread the wealth. Thank you!)