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Short Term Vocational Alumni

Toni Norton

Certificate  Emergency Medical TechnicianMt. San Antonio College
B.S. — Nursing, University of California Irvine

Toni Norton

In 2019, Toni Norton earned her EMT certificate from Mt. SAC.
Toni earned a certificate in Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) program at Mt. SAC. 
Today, Toni is a Nursing graduate student at UCI.
She is currently a full-time graduate student pursuing her Masters of Science Degree in Nursing with a concentration in community and population health at the University of California, Irvine.

"Mt. SAC's EMT program prepared me for my future nursing studies. Despite taking anatomy and physiology courses in the past at a UC, I honestly did not have a good grasp of normal and abnormal physiological processes until coming to Mt. SAC. I was able to confidently walk into my first nursing class and complete my first quarter with a 4.0 GPA due to this better understanding. I also feel that my participation in the program helped me get into nursing school. I believe enrolling and completing the EMT program showed the admission board that I was serious about joining the healthcare profession. For this, I am so grateful that such a wonderful program exists at Mt. SAC."

Toni attributes her accomplishments to the efforts of Mt. SAC EMT instructor, Corey Lynch.
"Mr. Corey Lynch was my EMT instructor at Mt SAC. He did an excellent job teaching the knowledge base, skill sets, and unique role of emergency medical responders to his students. All the skills instructors were instrumental to our learning. They are truly experts in their field who care for the future of EMS by graduating quality professionals who will deliver excellent patient care to the community. Additionally, the staff at the hospitals and ambulance service companies that the school partnered with for our clinical rotations were wonderful."
What would be Toni's advice to new students and those interested in following your footsteps?
She responds with, "For those who are in the middle of changing career paths like I was during my time at Mt. SAC, be patient and don’t give up. Transitioning out of the military was challenging. There will be times when will start to doubt whether you’ve made the right choice and might begin to feel hopeless. Know that you are working towards something great and that anything that is worthwhile takes time. Enjoy the journey you are embarking on, remembering that every experience you put yourself through will serve as a stepping stone to help you achieve your goals. Actively make opportunities available to you and work hard to become proficient in your craft. Reflect on each day and see how many seeds you were able to sow." 


Hang Lyu

Certificate  Essential Office SkillsMt. San Antonio College

Hang Lyu

Hang Lyu earned a certificate from Mt. SAC in 2018 focusing on Essential Office Skills. 
After receiving her certificate, Hang put her newfound skills to use and joined the workforce. 
Today, Hang is a Manager and entrepreneur at her company.
As a manager, Hang oversees her company from the day to day processes and makes decisions that impact her company. 
"Mt. SAC helped me learn English."
Hang's greatest impact at Mt. SAC was the dedicated professors and instructors who helped her learn the skills she has today.
What would be Hang's advice to new students and those interested in following her footsteps?
She says, "Continue studying even after you get a job."


Regina Wright

Certificate  Physical Therapy AideMt. San Antonio College

Regina Wright

Regina Wright earned her certificate from Mt. SAC in 1988 focusing on Physical Therapist Aide.
After graduating she went on to pursue her Bachelors Degree in Physical Therapy from Cal State Long Beach. 
Today, Regina is a Core Team Lead Health Educator at Department of Children and Family Services.
As a Core Team Lead Health Educator, Regina uses her knowledge from her Physical Therapist Aide Certificate and works to certify social workers to better service foster care families to reunite.   
"As a health care professional, Mt. SAC taught me: social skills, medical terminology, and gave me wonderful hands on training which allowed me to find work immediately for one of the top health care companies in the US." 
What would be Regina's advice to new students and those interested in following her footsteps?
"Get started, seek help when needed, and just do it."