Title V Grant: Student & Faculty Testimonials

 Pscyhology Students Supported for Professional Conference, April, 2018

In April the Title V supported 12 students from the Mt. SAC Psychology research club to present their work during the Poster Exhibition of the 98th Annual WPA (Western Psychological Association Conference) in Portland, Oregon. The students were accompanied by two faculty: Stacy Baccigalupi and Shilo Blacksher. Professor Blacksher said,

"On behalf of the Psychology department and our students I wanted to thank you for the support you provided so that they could attend the Western Psychological Convention in Portland this past week! Because of Title V’s generous contribution we were able to take 11 students with us for the conference. Four of these students presented research they conducted! We were so impressed and proud to have them representing Mt. SAC. They all reported feeling so grateful for the opportunity and so invigorated and inspired to continue their academic journeys." 

Of the experience, student Sarah Moore noted:

 "This experience opened many doors for my academic career. I met the Director of Psychology for Cal Poly, the school I am transferring to this fall. I also met with a few  graduate students while they presented their research..When learning about a subject from a textbook or in the classroom, it is markedly different than seeing research first hand. The paper sessions I attended taught me how researchers work. The experience presenting my own research has gien me a better overall understanding of how research is conducted and used. Seeing current research is so exciting and relevant and has inspired me to ask myself what research I want to conduct and where I want to make a difference. The entire experience has reinforced my love for Psychology and has given me the confidence to believe that I can succeed in my goals. "

Another Psychology student,  Stephanie Lee noted:

My experience at WPA will make me a more successful transfer student by broadening the range of experience I [already] have under my belt. Although my career trajectory is currently oriented towards Biological research, seeing scientific paper and poster sessions, regardless of the project content, is invaluable. In my opinion, conferences and other similar events directed towards the sharing and fostering of scientific knowledge are crucial to student development. I can wholeheartedly say that I would not have been able to have this experience without the financial support of Mt. SAC's Title V."

eric fossum poster at wpa

lee paige instructor with allan muteti student

Paralegal Studies Student Completer, Allan Muteti (Title V Cohort Student, Summer 2015):

" I was born in Nairobi, Kenya and moved to the U.S. when I was 5 years old. I actually knew from the time I was in the 7th grade that I wanted to become a lawyer but I just didn’t know what path I should take to get to that point.  I decided to go to Mt. SAC because I read up on what a paralegal is and decided that would be the perfect next step after high school. I figured it would challenge me and give me an excellent introduction into the legal field while still giving me the opportunity to study what I want.

The Title V Cohort in the Paralegal Program was just excellent. It was great because it guaranteed enrollment in all of my core paralegal courses and I was able to start and finish the program with the same group of people. It really helps because these are the people you study with and eventually form a bond with because no one else in the school knows what it is you are going through. Not only that, but the professors are amazing. They are so involved with the students outside the classroom and do everything in their power to make sure we are ready for the work field. I was able to participate in a resume workshop and mock interviews that showed me exactly what my potential employers will be looking for. I would recommend it to anyone interested in joining the paralegal program. I am transferring to NYU this Fall to major in Sports Management with a focus on Sports Law. I am thrilled because it is my dream school and the school I have had my eyes on for as long as I can remember. I really am glad that I went through Mt. SAC first because now I feel more ready than I was when I came out of high school. While at Mt. SAC, I was able to grow and mold more into the person I want to be.  I am still continuing my legal journey in NYU, so a lot of the skills I learned will still be put to use. I think the most important will be the process of manual legal research. The skills I learned from Professor McKee will help with any subject I am studying.  My end goal is to become a sports agent and to eventually open my own sports firm. I want to go to law school so I can represent athletes in matters concerning contracts and endorsements. By that point, my legal knowledge and skills will have grown and flourished into a career I can be proud of. The Cohort Program helped build a foundation that will be strong and helpful for years to come, and for that, I am forever grateful."
[Photo: Adjunct Instructor, Lee Paige with Allan Muteti during the May 2015 Paralegal Mock Interview Day]

mary rose wiesner and james hutchinson photoRespiratory Therapy Faculty Coordinator, Professor Mary-Rose Wiesner, 
Program Director/Department Chair, Respiratory Therapy Program
(Title V Faculty Coordinator on award received Spring/Summer 2015
from the Commission of Accreditation for Respiratory Care (CoARC):



"There is no doubt that some of the help we have received through Title V has contributed to our success. There were a number of criteria that had to be met in order to be eligible for the award. One of the criteria was to meet the CoARC threshold for attrition. Our program was struggling with attrition over the last fewer years
and barely meeting the threshold. With Title V funding and for student tutors and professional experts, I'm happy to say that our attrition situation has improved significantly over the past year. Thank You!" 

Radiologic Technology Student (Spring, 2014):

" Since that initial tutoring session, I am now trying to attend as many as I can. I find that talking to the tutors helps me to refine my study strategy. I find that in this class, study groups don't work for me, but having someone quiz me and explain things to me one on one does. I have also been able to image. This is remarkable because I feel that when I am in lab that I don't have enough time to position slowly and make corrections. In lab I struggled with one projection for the skull and with the tutoring I was able to take my time, assess my image, make corrections and make notes. I really can't say enough positive things about the tutoring. I hope to see the tutoring program continue during the duration of the program. Thanks again!"

Respiratory Therapy Student (Spring, 2014):

"I just want say thank you for providing and accommodating us with extra days and time to practice for open lab. I know many of us students have work and other personal reasons that restricts us from attending lab hours on Mondays but having Fridays and Saturday for open labs really helped me out a lot especially with my hectic schedule and I'm sure other students feel the same way. Secondly, the instructors that you provide us with are all very helpful in terms of instructing us students the proper techniques, knowledge, experience and professionalism that are required not just to pass the lab practical but to be one of the best at it. For me, it really has helped me out a lot because I can relate to them as they were once students at the Mt. SAC respiratory program. All the struggles, sacrifices and hard work that they went through gave me and other students the confidence and boosted our morale that we can also be as successful as they are if we just continue to stay focused and be on top of what we need to do. I believe that having more open labs especially on weekends and providing us with knowledgeable instructors will definitely help us to become successful Respiratory therapists. Thanks!"