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The Campus Sustainability Tour

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The Mt. SAC Campus Sustainability Tour is an innovative idea to bring students information about sustainability around campus. We educate students and other participants about water conservation, food waste, drought tolerant landscaping, biodiversity of plants and animals, and energy efficiency. The Sustainability Tour functions as a gateway for students and the public alike to explore educational opportunities and expand their knowledge of environmental topics. 

The tours are interactive and hands-on in many locations. At all locations we allow participants to ask questions and we keep them engaged with thought-provoking and relatable dialogue. Participants are engaged in demonstrating how some things work, such as having people fill water bottles at the water bottle refill stations, as well as illustrating how permeable pavers work vs. traditional cement walkways. Participants also interact with the environment on the tour by getting to touch and feel materials such as the exterior walls of LEED buildings and the composition of drought-tolerant plant soil. All these interactive components enrich the educational aspects of our tours.


Virtual Sustainability Tours

 For inquiries or to schedule an in-person tour please contact:
 Carol Martinez
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