Manufacturing Technology

Student Learning Outcomes

Course Number Course Outcome
MFG 38BAdvanced MasterCAM^ Students will create 2D and 3D tool paths for various industry-representative parts and then machine them effectively using CNC mills and/ or lathes ^ Students will develop functional CAD/CAM multi-axis machining concepts and how they relate to industry.
EDT 16Basic CAD and Computer Applications^ After instruction and demonstration, students will create a Titleblock that will be inserted into future drawing projects. ^ EDT 16 students will demostrate and understand how to plot/print CADD projects to scale.
EDT 24Engineering CAD 3-D Solids and Surfaces^ EDT 24 students will create and generate 2D prints from 3-D parametric solid models and complete a 3D (mated) assembly model. ^ Students correctly use Solid works software at an intermediate level ^ Students will develop detailed 2D views from a 3D parmetric model with dimensions to fully describe the part/model.
EDT 18Engineering CAD Applications^ EDT 18 students will demonstrate parametric solid modeling skills by developing a complete portfolio at the end of the semester. ^ EDT 18 students will develop 2D and 3D CAD skills required to gain entry level employment.
MFG 85 (VOC)Manual CNC Operations^ Student will transmit DNC (electronic transfer) code to CNC machines ^ Student will develop G-code for computerized numerical control input from manual methods.
MFG 38 (VOC)MasterCAM I^ Students will create two-dimensional product designs and machine them effectively ^ Students will evaluate methods of transferring data from CAD/CAM computers to machine tool computers
MFG 10 (VOC)Mathematics and Blueprint Reading for Manufacturing^ Students will be able to read a blueprint ^ Students will correctly identify key elements on blueprints
MFG 11 (VOC)Mfg Processes I^ Analyze and calculate machine settings for cutting screw threads. ^ Demonstrate the ability to setup a conventional lathe to machine a steel part.
MFG 12 (VOC)Mfg Processes II^ Analyze and demonstrate ability to heat-treat alloy steels correctly ^ Demonstrate ability to perform basic mill set up and operation.