The Department of Police and Campus Safety

Parking & Traffic Regulations

Citations will be issued for violation of provisions of the California Vehicle Code as well as the following special College regulations under C.V.C. § 21113:

  1. Vehicles parked in a parking stall shall have displayed a valid Student Parking Permit (see section on "Display of Permit" for proper permit display). Vehicles without parking permits may park in one of two pay lots on campus—Pay Lot A or Pay Lot B, for $4.00 all day/evening; or in parking "meter" stalls located in certain parking lots (see section on "Special Parking Areas".
  2. No person shall fail to obey any sign or signal erected to carry out these regulations or any section of the California Vehicle Code.
  3. No parking is allowed in any area that does not have a clearly marked stall.
  4. Vehicles parked within a stall shall not overlap the lines designate that stall.
  5. All vehicles shall be parked heading into a parking stall—head-in parking only.
  6. Painted curbs are an indication of restricted parking and the color denotes the type of parking allowed as follows:
    • RED ZONE—indicates no parking or stopping any time, whether vehicle is attended or not.
    • YELLOW ZONE—indicates a fifteen (15) minute time limit for loading and unloading vehicles. Vehicles parked in these areas must leave flashers on.
    • GREEN ZONE—indicates restricted time limit parking – thirty-minute (30) and ten-minute (10) parking spaces currently available.
    • BLUE ZONE—indicates disabled person's parking area. California State Disabled Persons placard or current Mt. SAC Special Handicap/Medical Parking Permits are required (certain restrictions apply).
  7. No person shall abandon, or leave standing, any vehicle or motorized cycle on the campus for 72 or more consecutive hours without permission of the the Department of Police and Campus Safety Department. Violations will result in vehicle removal and storage at owner's expense.
  8. No Person shall drive any unlicensed vehicle, nor shall any person stop, park, or leave standing any vehicle, whether attended or unattended, upon driveways, paths, or the grounds of Mt. San Antonio College without permission. Any unidentifiable vehicle on campus is subject to removal and storage at owner's expense. Exception is made for District-owned vehicles.

Any student parking on the West side of Grand Avenue not conducting business in that area may be subject to citation and/or their vehicle being impounded.

Students not using the crosswalks on Grand Avenue will be subject to citation by the Sheriff's Department. This is a dangerous crossing. Your safety is our concern.


VISITOR PARKING: Thirty-minute (30) and ten-minute (10) parking areas are designated with green curbs. Visitors who need to park for longer time may use parking meter stalls found in certain parking lots on campus, or park in one of two pay lots—Pay Lot A and Pay Lot B—daily parking fee is $4.

METERED PARKING: Metered parking is available for visitors in certain parking lots on campus (25¢/15 minutes; 4 hour maximum). PERMITS ARE NOT VALID IN METERED STALLS. State Disabled Persons placards allowed at meters.

DISABLED PERSONS PARKING: Vehicles parked in the Blue-Lined Disabled Persons Parking Stalls are required to properly display a current State issued Disabled Persons placard. Individuals with a short-term special parking needs can contact the student Health Center, ext. 4400 for consideration of a temporary, limited medical parking permit.

To disabled individuals who possess a State Disabled Persons Placard and receive a citation for failing to display their placard, who request a citation dismissal and submit their current Disabled Placard documentation as evidence that a placard had been issued to them, must pay a $25.00 administrative fee to process the cancellation of the citation as per California Vehicle Code Section 40226.

California Vehicle Code Section 40226. An issuing agency may, in lieu of collecting a fine for a citation for failure to display a disabled placard, charge an administrative fee not to exceed twenty-five dollars ($25) to process cancellation of a citation in any case where the individual who received the citation can show proof that he or she had been issued a valid placard at the time the citation was received (Added Sec. 5, Ch. 640, Stats. 2002. Effective January 1, 2003).

STAFF LOTS: All faculty & staff must have a current, valid staff parking permit in designated staff parking lots. Temporary staff parking permits may be obtained from Parking Services, Bldg. 23. Staff permits cannot be used in metered stalls.

MOTORCYCLES: As long as traffic is not obstructed, students may park in student lots only at the end of parking rows within the lines if not marked NO PARKING without a student permit. A motorcycle parked in a parking stall must display a student parking permit. A staff permit is required on all motorcycles parked in staff lots.

DAY USE PARKING PERMITS: Day-use parking permit dispensers have been installed at various areas in student parking lots. Day-use parking permits may be purchased from these machines for $3 and are good for the date of purchase only (No refunds issued for Day Use Permits). The parking permits will allow people to park their vehicles in any student parking lot and Pay Lot A or Pay Lot B.

EV PARKING ONLY: A person shall not park or leave standing a vehicle in a stall or space designated pursuant to Section 22511, unless the vehicle is connected for electric charging purposes.  CVC Section 22511(a).

NOTE: During the first two weeks of the Fall and Spring semesters and during the first week of the Winter and Summer intersessions, a student permit is not required to park in any student lot. This will assist students with registration, add/drop procedures, and other matters by allowing free parking in student lots only during the start of a semester or intersession. Fees are required to park at pay lots and metered parking. No student parking is allowed in Staff Lots.

Any student parking on the West side of Grand Avenue not conducting business in that area may be subject to citation and/or their vehicle being impounded. Students not using the crosswalks on Grand Avenue will be subject to citation by the Sheriff's Department. This is a dangerous crossing. Your safety is our concern.


A Parking Permit is required and parking regulations are enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week in all student lots during Fall, Spring, Winter, and Summer semesters. Student Permits are valid only in Student Lots. Student Parking Permit Fees: $50/Spring or Fall Semesters; and $25/Winter or Summer Intersessions.

A fee will be charged for replacing lost or stolen student parking permits regardless of the circumstances. A $30 replacement fee will be charged for replacing a Spring or Fall semester parking permit and a $15 replacement fee for Winter or Summer Intersession.


Student and staff parking permits must be clearly displayed. The student parking permit decal must be affixed to the driver’s side wind shield, at the lower left hand corner. The staff parking permit hanger must be displayed from the rear view mirror, or a window sticker affixed to the left side of the rear window, or a bumper sticker affixed to the left side of the rear bumper.Day use parking permits must be placed face up on the vehicle’s driver’s side dash board. Failure to display a valid parking permit will result in the issuance of a parking citation. (AP6750) It is the policy of the College to dismiss parking citations for students who have purchased a parking permit and who have been issued a parking citation for “No Valid Permit Displayed” or “Improper Display of Permit” in a student parking lot, if dismissal is requested within 35 calendar days of citation issuance and a $5 processing fee has been paid to cover the cost of processing these dismissals. Only one parking citation per semester will be dismissed for these reasons.


The Parking Services Department receives its authority to enforce the Traffic & parking Regulations from the California Penal Code, the California Vehicle Code, & provisions established by the California State Legislature. Ignoring a citation will result in immediate legal action in the form of substantial additional penalties and a hold being placed on the vehicle registration with the Department of Motor Vehicles.

Parking citation fines are now paid at the Cashier's Office (Bldg. 4) Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. 

To pay your citation:

Mt. San Antonio College
ATTN: Police Department
1100 N. Grand Ave.
Walnut, CA 91789


Inquires: Contact (909) 274-4299

Include your original citation with your payment. NO CASH.

Pursuant to California Vehicle Code Section 40215(a), you may contest a citation within 21 calendar days of issuance.

  1. To contest your citation:
    • Students/Staff/Faculty MUST Contest Online: Login into:
    • Non-Students/Visitors Contest by E-mail: email written appeals to
    • Contest by Mail: Write a letter requesting an Initial Review. You must provide the reason you feel the citation was issued in error, include a copy of the citation, and include copies of all applicable documentation relating to your appeal. Documents submitted will not be returned. Mail your appeal to the address indicated above. Please provide your complete name and mailing address, as you will be notified by mail of the result of your Initial Review.
  2. Within 21 calendar days of mailing of the appeal decision, post bail & request an Administrative Hearing at Cashier's Office, Building 4. Proceed to Step 3 to contest further.
  3. Within 30 calendar days of the mailing of the Administrative Hearing decision, seek review with Stanley Mosk Courthouse, 111 North Hill St., Room 102 Los Angeles CA 90012

WARNING: Vehicles issued five (5) or more unpaid delinquent parking citations are subject to immobilization at owner expense as per C.V.C. § 22651.7.


 the Department of Police and Campus Safety

The college provides personnel for patrol of the parking lots. However, persons parking on District property do so at THEIR OWN RISK. Mt. San Antonio Community College District does not assume any responsibility for loss or damage to vehicles or their contents while parked anywhere on District property.

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