Evacuating Campus

In the event of a fire alarm activation, an actual fire, a gas leak, or circumstances that require a building to be evacuated, everyone in the affected building must evacuate to a safe area and wait for the building to be cleared. Affected persons are to wait in an assembly area until the building is declared safe to reoccupy. Unaffected areas of campus will continue to operate normally.

In the event of a campus-wide evacuation, all buildings will be evacuated in the same orderly manner as would be used if only one building was being evacuated. The increased volume of people leaving campus all at once will have a significant negative impact on traffic conditions on and around campus. Unlike a school with on-campus housing where many students walk or ride bikes to class, most Mt. SAC students drive here and park in one of the student lots. In addition, most faculty and staff members drive to campus and park in one of the staff lots. As a result, the parking lots are usually filled to capacity throughout the day. Emptying every parking lot at the same time represents a significant challenge and it will take much longer to leave campus in your car than it normally does.

Remember to put your safety first. If you need to get away from campus due to an active shooter, a hazardous material spill, a large fire, or any other significant emergency that is an immediate threat to your safety, leave your car behind and walk away from the danger. Do not go to your car and attempt to drive away because you will probably get stuck in traffic. If you can, walk in a safe direction away from campus. Your safety is paramount and you can come back at a later time, when the campus is safe, to retrieve your vehicle. If you do attempt to leave campus in your vehicle be prepared for it to take much longer than it normally does.

Disabled persons or anyone with mobility challenges should call Dispatch (909) 274-4555 or 911 and request assistance. Someone will respond to your location and help you get to a safe location.