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Records Forms and Publications

You can download and read about many of the forms needed for records and graduation at the links below. If you have any questions about these forms, or can't find a form you're looking for, contact the Admissions and Records office at (909) 274-4415. For Admissions related forms, visit the Admissions website.

Application for Certificate: Almost done with your program? Apply to get your certificate using this form.

Application to Graduate: Also known as the Graduation Petition, this form is for all students who want to graduate must complete this form the semester before they wish to graduate.

F-1 Visa Form:  This form is for international students in need of an F-1 Visa before they come to campus.

AB 540 and AB 2000 Form: Use this form if you're a California nonresident DREAMer requesting Tuition Exemption.

College Catalog: Here, you'll find all of our college catalogues, past and present. They include a list of courses and their descriptions, policies, and degree requirements for the academic year.

Credit/No-Credit Grade Option Request Form: If you would like to take a credit class but don't want to take it for credit, or vice versa, complete this form.

Nonresident Veterans AB 13 Form: This is for recently discharged Veterans and their eligible family members attending Mt. SAC

Residency Reclassification Form: Use this form to apply to be classified as a California Resident.

Schedule of Credit Classes: Here you'll find registration procedures and course offerings for a specific semester.

Security Block: If you don't want Mt. SAC to provide your student records to third parties, you can request a security block using this form.