Promise+Plus Term-to-Term Requirements

Currently enrolled Promise+Plus students must meet all program requirements including meeting with a counselor and attending a promise approved workshop each Fall and Spring semester to remain eligible to receive term-to-term promise financial and support benefits for the first two years of college. To make sure you're meeting all requirements, visit the Maintaining Eligibility section below. These requirements are designed to help you achieve your Promise to Succeed!

    • Maintaining Eligibility

      To receive term to term benefits:

      • Remain enrolled in at minimum 6 units for part-time benefits and 12 units for full-time benefits each Fall and Spring semester
      • Register for English OR Math each Fall and Spring semester
      • Maintain a 2.0 Overall GPA
        *If you are below the GPA in Fall, enroll in the Winter term to increase your grades
      • Attend one Promise approved workshop AND make one full counseling appointment each term. 
      • Keep a declared major in your educational plan

      To receive a second year of benefits:

      • Complete the requirements above within the first year of college
      • Second year Promise+Plus students must continue to meet the term to term requirements above in their second year of college
        *English and Math not required in the second year IF college level requirements are met within the first-year of college
      • You must submit a new Financial Aid application (FAFSA or CA Dream Act) each year you are enrolled in college. Financial Aid applications open in October. To receive the most financial aid available, we recommend applying by March 2nd. The deadline to submit your financial aid application to receive a second year of Promise+Plus benefits is June 30th.
    • Workshops (Required)

      class="ContentPasted0">Current promise students must attend ONE Campus Event or class="ContentPasted0"> Workshop each Fall and Spring semester to remain eligible for benefits. The goal of this requirement is to keep students connected to a variety of campus services that provide support in achieving college success! New this year, students can choose any campus event or workshop to attend. Promise will host workshops that will be emailed to students directly and will update our Promise calendar as well. Promise will promote campus events on our Instagram account, but students can choose ANY campus event to attend. 

      To receive credit for your workshop attendance please submit the Promise Workshop Attendance Form:
    • Counseling Appointment (Required)

      Current promise students must meet with a counselor for a full appointment (30-45 mins) once per Fall & Spring semester to remain eligible to receive benefits. Counselors are available to help students navigate the college successfully. Some of the services offered are, academic goal setting, educational planning through a Mountie Academic Plan (MAP), student success strategies, guidance, and support, and more. Counseling appointments in general counseling OR any other student support program such as Athletics, Bridge, EOPS, DREAM, Honors, etc., count towards meeting this requirement. You can make an appointment with a general counselor through the student portal or click the icon below to schedule an appointment with a Promise Counselor.

    • Make an appointment with a p and p counselorMake an Appointment with a P+P Counselor

      For current Promise Students Only

      IMPORTANT APPOINTMENT INFO: Please make sure both your email and phone number information in your portal is correct. The counselor will be calling you at the number listed on your Mt. SAC portal from a number listed as "No Caller ID" or "Unknown" please make sure you answer. *If your cell phone is set up to block unknown numbers, you will need to change that setting prior to the day of your counseling appointment. 

      Make sure to check your email on the morning of your appointment.  You will receive an email from your counselor asking if you prefer a phone or a video appointment. 

      *Effective January 2022 - For In-Person Counseling Appointments, students must be vaccinated and be cleared to be on campus through CLEARED4.

      If you have any questions, please call 909-274-5688.

    • Got Invited to Get Back on Track with Promise?

      The Back on Track with Promise experience is available by invitation only to Promise+Plus students who are below the required minimum 2.0 Overall GPA. Students will have the chance to purposefully interact with our Promise Counselors to help identify tools for success that may increase their GPA while providing a direct link to our counselors and staff. 

      What are the requirements of being in Back on Track with Promise?
      1. Complete the "Back on Track with Promise" Commitment Form
      2. Attend the "Back on Track with Promise" Workshop offered during the second week of Spring 21 Semester (March 1-5th) 
      3. Complete the Mid-Term Grade Check during the week of March 22nd-26th.
      4. Meet with a Promise Counselor during the week of March 29th -April 2nd. During this meeting, you will review your Mid-Term Grad Check that was completed by your faculty the week prior (see previous #3). Your Counseling Appointment category will be listed as "Back on Track w/Promise+Plus" Counseling Appointment and will count towards your required counseling appointment for Spring 2021 Promise Term Requirement. 
      5. Must meet all term-to-term requirements - See "Maintaining Eligibility" category on this page for greater detail. 
        • attend at least one Promise Approved Workshop (Back on Track Workshop does not count)
        • enroll in English or math. If this is a hardship for you or you are not currently enrolled for either English or Math, please email to request an exemption, we understand that with remote learning this may be an obstacle for some.  
        • reach 2.0 Overall GPA by end of Spring 2021
        • enroll in a min of 6 units for Spring 2021
      *Students that do not meet the requirements above will result in removal from continued Promise Benefits into a second year, 2021-22. 


    • Virtual Front Desk Hours (Optional)

      We miss seeing you in person! Our Virtual Front Desk Hours are a great way for us to connect with our Promise+Plus students. Join us to just check-in and say hello, or to ask general or program-specific questions. Counselors, Peer Coaches, and other staff are eager to meet, connect, and support you.  Available through December 14th, every Tuesday from 11:30 am – 1:30 pm. For updates follow us at instagram-logomtsac_promiseplus

      Please join us!! Visit the link below:

Promise+Plus Program Important Dates

Promise Approved Workshop Calendar

How to Submit the Workshop Attendance Form

*For Current Promise Students Only

How to Schedule an Appointment with a Promise+Plus Counselor

*For Current Promise Students Only

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