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Vera Froman

Survey development

Program evaluation 

Building: 4-2435
(562) 322-7513

BA - Psychology, California State University, Fullerton

MA - Psychology with a dual concentration in Health Behavior Research and Program Evaluation, Claremont Graduate University 

PhD (student) - Basic and Applied Social Psychology, Claremont Graduate University

Basic Skills Coordinating Committee 2018-2019 

Vera Froman

My enthusiasm for research started at an internship I completed during my final year at California State University, Fullerton. Within this project, I helped collect data on the environmental and behavioral habits of individuals with developmental disorders who sometimes injure themselves. Before this experience, I did not expect research to be my path; after, however, I learned that it is within research that we gain a greater understanding and I never looked back.


After completing my bachelors, I worked, saved, and prepared for graduate school for two years. Once I started working towards my masters in psychology with a dual concentration in health behavior research and program evaluation at Claremont Graduate University, I found my research niche which I have continued working on as I transitioned into my PhD program. Specifically, I have focused my efforts on gaining knowledge and insight into US military mental and physical health. This has included examining explanations for the occurrence of suicide among military personnel, the perception of received social support that military spouses receive, and a master’s thesis titled Prescription Medication Misuse among Military Personnel: An Application of Affective Message Framing. As the daughter of a career Marine, I feel that working with this population and working to better their lives and the programs they take part in, is the only true path for me to take.


While I continue to work on completing my PhD, I have worked with Mt. SAC’s Research and Institutional Effectiveness department. In this position, I have worked on the development and implementation of several survey projects including, assessment of student knowledge regarding Mt. SAC’s policies and procedures for dealing with sexual assault, student evaluation of their math and English placement after the school started using multiple measures for placement, and program evaluation of the Nursing department. Additionally, I assisted with conducting focus groups with students on the effectiveness of various services and programs including the adult education, the newly implemented Guided Pathways website, and student and faculty evaluation of the newly implemented placement changes.