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PHOTOS: The First Week of School

first week of Fall '19 photos

September 03, 2019 - 03:41 PM

Campus life at Mt. SAC returned for the Fall semester last week
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  • Two students on wall staying cool
  • Students providing direction assistance
  • Student at Library
  • Football game in play
  • Two students smiling and hugging
  • Student on laptop in Library
  • Tractor Mt. SAC Farm
  • Walking on campus
  • Jogging class
  • students sitting in shade on lawn
  • High fives between students
  • Mt. SAC Farm students
  • Washing Mt. SAC Farm Animal
  • Moo, a Mt. SAC Cow
  • Student accessing smartphone and getting assistance
  • Lot M Shuttle Bus
  • Sand volleyball court
  • Mt. SAC Pool
  • Studying on lawn
  • Student holding football ready to pass
  • Football Coach
  • Two smiling students on campus
  • 4 students on wall near Student Life
  • Football practice
  • students finding directions
  • Two smiles near Foster Youth
  • Student studying in shade
  • No skateboarding on campus
  • Weight lifting student
  • Student in Library
  • Woman on Treadmill
  • two students walking
  • Student smiling
  • Wellness, student getting blood pressure taken
  • Students talking in shade
  • Men Jogging
  • Equity Students posing with smiles
  • Students enjoying juice boxes