End of Year Celebrations at Mt. SAC

Graduating Students
By Adriana Jimenez

May 30, 2024 - 03:38 PM

As Mt. SAC wraps up another academic year, celebrations are in full swing across campus. The End-of-the-Year celebrations are hosted by various student-serving programs, which recognize the achievements of first-year and graduating students.


With multiple year-end festivities, students can celebrate their accomplishments with family, friends, and community. But what makes these celebrations stand out from commencement?

Andrea Gonzalez, Project/ Program Specialist for the Equity Center said, “These celebrations represent the persistence — often in the face of great adversity — of not just our students, but of the communities that sustained them throughout their journey, both in and outside of Mt. SAC. That's what makes these celebrations so special; they honor the individual while celebrating what these personal achievements represent to entire families, communities, and generations.”


The End-of-the-Year celebrations allows students to express their gratitude for those who were instrumental in their academic journey. Live music, dancing, altars, and blessings are common at many of these celebrations, marking an important part of a student’s academic pursuit.


To learn more about the Equity Centers and their resources, contact them by calling (909) 274-4378 or emailing