Board Briefs July 13, 2022

Board Chamber

July 14, 2022 - 08:01 AM

Meeting Date: July 13, 2022    
Location: Founders Hall     
Next Meeting: August 10, 2022


A moment of silence was observed for English professor Lee Brandon, who passed away on May 18, 
2022. Lee retired in 1999 after 34 years of service as an English professor. He also taught English 
part- time for 10 years for the University of La Verne in the state prison system. During his 
tenure at Mt. SAC, he served as the English Department Chair and on many college committees 
including Instructional Service Committee, Facilities Committee, and the English Department Class 
Distribution Committee. He is survived by his wife, Sharon Brandon, with whom he was married for 61 
years; his son Kelly Brandon and daughter Erin Finn.


Reports were given by Academic Senate, Classified Senate, Faculty Association, CSEA 262, CSEA 651, 
and Public Affairs. Detailed reports will be reflected in the official minutes when posted online.


Introduction of the following newly appointed and promoted employees:
Permanent New Hires

Classified Employees
•  Wenceslao Anaya, Computer Facilities Assistant (Information Technology)
•  Christopher Andrade, Coordinator, Deaf and Hard of Hearing (ACCESS)
•  Marjorie Burguiere, Administrative Specialist IV (Information Technology)
•  Israel Correa, Computer Facilities Assistant (Information Technology)
•  Gladys Cruz, Student Services Program Specialist II (Instruction)
•  Robert Gallego, Custodian I (Custodial Services)
•  Rebecca Herrera, Horse Barn Technician (Agricultural Sciences)
•  Sierra Jenkins-Walker, Administrative Specialist IV (Fiscal Services)
•  Amanda Lomeli, Administrative Specialist I (Education for Older Adults and Adults with 
•  Heriberto Mascota, Custodian I (Custodial Services)
•  Jade Mouton, Administrative Specialist I (Instruction)
•  Jasmine Mendoza, Administrative Specialist I (Bridge)
•  Michael Nguyen, Information Technology Support Technician (Information Technology)
•  Mohammad Othman, Computer Facilities Assistant (Information Technology)

•  Jose Paredes, Locksmith (Facilities Planning and Management)
•  Ramiro Pinedo Jr., Administrative Specialist I (Humanities and Social Sciences)
•  Destanie Pulido, Administrative Specialist I (Kinesiology, Athletics, and Dance)
•  Maria Rodriguez, Project/Program Specialist (Education for Older Adults and Adults with 
•  Valerie Tonche, Custodian I (Custodial Services)
•  Harry Nakaoki, Administrative Specialist I (Human Resources)


Classified Employees

•  Amber Bound, Lead Library Technician (Library and Learning Resources)
•  Patrick Escalera, Lead Grounds and Horticultural Technician (Grounds and 
•  Amy Hilliard, Early Childhood Development Specialist II (Child Development Center)
•  Crystal Mejia, Administrative Specialist IV (Library and Learning Resources)

Management Employees

•  Pedro Suarez, Assistant Director, Academic Technology (Information Technology)


Recognized the following retiring employee:

•  Arturo Cadena, Manager, Energy Services (Energy Services), 12 years of service


Gary Nellesen, Executive Director, Facilities Planning and Management, provided information about 
the college’s five-year construction plan. Included in the plan are the following projects:

Building 6 Reconstruction
Reconstruct the existing Learning Technology Center (Building 6) to accommodate growth of existing 
programs, departments and other shared campus resources.

Student Services North
Replace modular buildings 16E, 9D, 9G, 9F, and West Counseling A/B with a permanent new facility. 
The new building will allow for growth for student services offices, meeting rooms and assembly.

Building 9B Reconstruction
Upgrade and modernize the Student Services Center (Building 9B). The modernized building will 
feature redesigned interior spaces and will include upgrades to technological infrastructure, 
energy systems, and functional adjacencies.

Library Replacement
Construct a new Library Building to replace the existing Library/Learning Technology Center 
originally built in 1963. The proposed new Library focuses growth on dedicated group and individual

reading/study rooms and will solely house Library functions. The new building offers 
technologically advanced group learning spaces to support modern research and study methods.


During the 2021–2022 fiscal year, the Financial Aid office disbursed $37,879,711 in federal funds 
grants (.01% increase from prior year), $15,588,005 in California College Promise Grants (10% 
increase from
prior year), and $6,189,292 in Cal Grants (32% increase from prior year).


•  Approved the Consent Calendar
•  Approved Proposed Revision to Board Policy 2310 - Regular Meetings of the Board
•  Approved Proposed Revision to Board Policy 2355 - Decorum
•  Approved Proposed Revision to Board Policy 2720 - Communication Among Board Members
•  Approved Proposed Revision to Board Policy 2725 - Board Member Compensation
•  Approved Ratification of Renewal Agreement with Statewide Association of Community Colleges for 
General Liability and Property Coverage Program
•  Approved 2024-2028 Five-Year Construction Plan and Initial Project Proposals to the State 
Chancellor's Office


•  Proposed Revision to Board Policy 6750 - Campus Traffic and Parking Regulations
•  Proposed Revision to Board Policy 7400 - Travel
•  Campus COVID-19 Update


•  Revision to Administrative Procedure 3560 - Alcoholic Beverages
•  Revision to Administrative Procedure 4010 - Academic Calendar
•  Revision to Administrative Procedure 4240 - Academic Renewal
•  Revision to Administrative Procedure 4285 - Credit for Prior Learning and Extra-Institutional 
•  Revision to Administrative Procedure 6750 - Traffic and Parking Regulations
•  Revision to Administrative Procedure 7400 - Conference and Travel

Dr. Manuel Baca
Jay Chen
Gary Chow
Judy Chen Haggerty, Esq.
Peter Hidalgo
Robert Hidalgo
Laura Santos
Juan Mendoza, Student Trustee
Dr. William T. Scroggins, President & CEO