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Mathematics and Computer Science Lab Policies    gavel

 We are happy to welcome you to the Lab!  Please familiarize yourself with the Lab policies below.  

    • computerGeneral Policy
      • To use the Math Lab, students must be enrolled in a Mathematics (MATH) or Computer Science (CSCI) course at Mt. SAC.
      • At the beginning of each semester, students must register by filling out a yellow registration card, as well as read and understand the lab policy.
      • Students must check in and out using their Mt. SAC student ID card.
      • Students must be working on material directly related to a Math or Computer Science (CSCI) course while in the lab.
      • No cell phone use is allowed.
      • No food. Sealed drinks only.
      • Student should not disturb scheduled class sessions in the lab and should comply with all instructors' and lab attendants' directions.
      • Unauthorized use or misuse of any Math Lab resources will result in disciplinary action in accordance with the College policies
    • printerComputer Use and Printing
      • Printing is free of charge for students. Only Mathematics and Computer Science course-related materials are allowed to be printed in the lab.
      • Please print at most 20 pages at a time so that each print job can be processed in a timely manner.
      • Help is available to resolve computing and printer-related issues, if needed.
      • Students should not install any software or alter any computer settings on any computer in the lab.
      • Lab attendants reserve the right to view your assignments and will do so periodically.


Staff members are available to assist with any questions about lab policy