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MARC and TMARC Information


    • What are the MARC and TMARC?
      • The Math Activities Resource Center (MARC) and the Transfer Math Activities Resource Center (TMARC) offer tutoring, study space, computers, calculators, textbooks, and other resources aimed at assisting students enrolled in math courses at Mt. SAC.  
      • The MARC serves students currently enrolled in Math 50 through 71 and is located in building 61 room 1318.  
      • The TMARC serves students currently enrolled in Math 100 or above and is located in building 61 room 1314.
      • The MARC/TMARC is not a library.  Communication is encouraged and the noise level with math communication can get loud.
    • How do I register for the MARC or TMARC?
      • Before you can begin using either of the labs you must register by filling out a registration card (every semester). These cards can be obtained through your instructor or the lab directly.
      • By registering for the lab you are enrolling into a noncredit community education course. This will appear on your class schedule, but does not affect your GPA or show up on your transcript.  There is no cost to enroll in the lab. 
    • How do I use the MARC or TMARC once I am registered?
      • Upon arrival you will be asked if you have registered for the MARC/TMARC. Please have your current Mt. SAC ID ready. Remember students are required to obtain and carry a Mt. SAC picture ID card to enter either lab.  
      • Students are clocked into the lab when they arrive and are clocked out when they leave. Students may use the facilities during any of the hours of normal operation and may return multiple times during the day.  
      • After clocking in, students find a seat anywhere in the lab then write their name and course on the whiteboard at the front of the room when assistance is needed by a tutor. Tutors should never be too busy to help. They are here to help you.

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    • What resources do the MARC and TMARC offer?
      • The MARC and TMARC have video lectures on CD-ROM or DVD. These may be viewed in the center or taken home for one week.  
      • Textbooks and solution manuals are available for use in the center.  Textbooks may not be taken home.
      • Review worksheets on many topics are available.
      • Calculators may be borrowed and taken to class; however, they must be returned that same day.  Calculators may not be taken home.  The MARC and TMARC currently have 4 types of calculators available to borrow:  TI-84 Plus (graphing), TI-30XIIS (scientific), TI30XS (multi-view), basic calculator (4-function). 


    • How can I contact the MARC and TMARC?
      • The MARC is located in Building 61, Room 1318  |  Phone number (909) 274-5014
      • The TMARC is located in Building 61, Room 1314  |  Phone number (909) 274-5389

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