Chat with a Librarian 24/7

Do you know you can ask questions 24 hours a day, 7 days a week? To provide help 24 hours a day, we collaborate with many libraries. You may be chatting with a librarian from a different library. If you provide an email address, Mt. SAC librarians will be able to follow up if needed.

Use the chat window on the right to begin your chat session. Once you start the session, please do not click on your browser’s back button or refresh your screen.

Other Ways to Get Help     |     Privacy


  • Who am I chatting with?
  • Depending on the time of day, you may be chatting with a Mt. SAC librarian or a librarian from a different library. Librarians from different libraries can help with most questions, like library hours, do you have this book, etc.  If the librarian is unable to answer your question, a Mt. SAC librarian will email you, providing you used a workable email address.

  • Why do you need my email address?
  • Your email address is needed in case your question requires a follow-up response from a Mt. SAC librarian (see above)

  • Why does the Librarian ask me so many questions about my question?
  • Knowing more about your needs helps the librarian develop an effective research strategy. For example, it is common for a librarian to ask you what class you’re researching for because it will help the librarian determine articles databases that are likely to be helpful.

  • What will you do for me?
  • This depends on the question. In most cases, we will teach you how to find the answers your questions. For example, if you ask for articles about a topic we will teach you how to find the articles.

  • What if my question is complicated?
  • If you are working on a complicated research project, we might suggest that you come to the library to consult with a librarian in person. But don’t hesitate to ask using this chat service first.

  • How do I login to the databases when I’m not on campus?
  • When you are prompted to login, use your Mt. SAC portal username and password.

Other Ways to Get Help

  • Phone: Please call the Library Information Desk during business hours: 909 274 4289
  • Email: Use the email form to submit a question
  • In Person: A librarian is at the Library Information Desk all hours that the library is open (Now on Sundays, too!) . We look forward to meeting you! 


Your privacy is important to us.

Your email address and other information is not shared with anyone outside of this chat service. We ask for an email address for two reasons: 1) a transcript of the chat session will be emailed to you at the end of the chat session, including links to any resources used, and 2) a Mt. SAC librarian will follow up if needed.

The Mt. SAC librarians review transcripts for quality assurance purposes. We want to make sure that your question was addressed. People who may view your transcript with your name and email address include the librarian who you chatted with and one or more Mt. SAC librarians. Once we determine that your question was completed, the question is closed and your name, email, and student ID are removed from the transcript. We may keep the transcript without personal identifiers in order to analyze and improve the Chat with a Librarian service.