Ask Joe

Certificates of Achievement


Accounting – Computerized

Accounting – Financial Planning

Accounting – Managerial

Administrative Assistant Level II

Administrative Assistant Level III

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration

Aircraft Powerplant Maintenance Technology – Day

Aircraft Powerplant Maintenance Technology – Evening

Airframe Maintenance Technology – Day

Airframe Maintenance Technology – Evening

Alcohol / Drug Counseling

Animation – 3-D and CG Gaming

Animation - Game & Interactive Multimedia Design II 

Animation - Tradigital Level II

Architectural Design Concentration Level I

Architectural Design Concentration Level II 

Architectural Design Concentration Level III 

Architectural Technology Concentration Level I

Architectural Technology Concentration Level II 

Building Automation

Business: Human Resource Management – Level II

Business: Human Resource Management – Level III

Business: International – Level II

Business: International – Level III

Business: Management – Level II

Business: Management – Level III

Business: Retail Management – Level II

Business: Retail Management – Level III

Business: Small Business Management – Level II

Business: Small Business Management – Level III

Children's Program Certificate: Administration

Children's Program Certificate: General – Level II

Children's Program Certificate: General – Level III

Children's Programs Certificate: Small Business Management

Children's Program Certificate: Teaching

Computer and Networking Technology - Level I

Computer and Networking Technology - Level II

Computer Systems Technology

Construction Inspection

Dance Teacher

Electronic Systems Technology – Level II

Electronics and Computer Engineering Technology

Electronics Communications

Electronics Technology

Electronics: Industrial Systems

Emergency Medical Technician – Paramedic (EMT-P)

Fashion Design - Level I

Fashion Design - Level II

Fashion Merchandising – Level I

Fashion Merchandising – Level II

Fire Technology

Graphic Design Level II

Horse Ranch Management - Level II

Horticulture Science 

Hospitality: Hospitality Management – Level II

Industrial Design Engineering - Level I

Industrial Design Engineering - Level II

Industrial Design Engineering - Level III

Infant / Toddler Development

Interior Design Kitchen and Bath Specialization

Interior Design Level II

Interior Design Level III

Interior Landscaping

Landscape and Park Maintenance

Landscape Construction 

Landscape Design - Level I

Landscape Equipment Technology

Landscape Irrigation

Law Enforcement

Manufacturing Technology

Marketing Management

Mental HealthTechnology – Psychiatric Technician

Nursery Management

Park Management

Pet Science

Photography - Level I

Photography -  Level II

Photography Digital Technician 

Programming in C++

Public Works / Landscape Management

Radio Broadcasting: Behind the Scenes

Radio Broadcasting: On-the-Air

Real Estate Broker Certificate 

Real Estate Appraisal

School Age Child – Specialization

Sign Language/Interpreting

Sports Turf Management

Television Crew 

Tree Care and Maintenance

Web Design

Welder: Licensed

Welder: AutomotiveWelding, Cutting & Modification

Welder: Gas Tungsten ARC Welding

Welder: Semiautomatic ARCWelding