Meet Our Tour Guides

  • Afshan Hasan
    Career Goal: Become a Psychologist
    Involvement: Honors Program, High School Outreach
    Fun Fact: My favorite food has been Mac & Cheese since I was 7
  • Eric Santamaria
    Career Goal:Become a Career & Educational Counselor
    Involvement: Bridge, High School Outreach
    Fun Fact: I like to run and be active
  • Herlen Osuna
    Career Goal:  Become a Psychiatrist
    Involvement: Aspire, Associated Students, Bridge, Reach, High School Outreach
    Fun Fact: I love drawing and traveling
  • Ignacio Mejia
    Career Goal: A helping profession
    Involvement: Bridge, High School Outreach
    Fun Fact:  I'm the youngest out of 4 and the first to receive a diploma and go to college
  • Margarita Martinez
     History/ Chicano Studies
    Career Goal: Definitely want to work within community development, work with lower income communities, or a nonprofit that aims towards bettering our communities
    Involvement:  High School Outreach
    Fun Fact: I was voted friendliest in the eighth grade
  • Paloma Sanchez
    Environmental Sciences
    Career Goal: I want to become a scientist that does research in the environment or go into environmental law
    Involvement: Bridge Program, Honors Program, Dream, EOPS, High School Outreach
    Fun Fact: Whenever I go to the movies, I get more excited to see the trailers than the actual movie
  • Siomara Pineda
    Registered Veterinary Technician
    Career Goal: Become a Veterinarian
    Involvement: EOPS, High School Outreach
    Fun Fact: I was adopted at the age of 4
  • Ty Wright
    Business Economics
    Career Goal: Become a Professor
    Involvement: Aspire, MMI, High School Outreach
    Fun Fact: I can bend sound